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Weather: A mostly dry and warm spell ahead

FORECAST | Issued June 25, 2021, covering the period from June 30 to July 7, 2021 Well, it seems that the CMC (Canadian Meteorological Centre) weather model got it right last forecast period. The forecast low tracked well to our north and, thanks to a strong ridge of high pressure that was building to our

Gut microbiome critical to horse health

Immune, neurological and hormonal systems can all be affected Although invisible to the naked eye, the horse and human cannot exist apart from the biology and ecology of their microbiome and the microbiome is being heralded as the next most important bodily system. There is emerging evidence that the gut microbiome with its complex interactions

Editorial: All hands on deck

It was a dreary fall afternoon this past Sunday at Argyle, as rain lashed the countryside and soaked stubble fields. Inside the local community hall and curling rink, however, there was a clear sense of warmth and community. The hamlet had pulled out all the stops to host its annual fall supper — the 135th

Tax changes set for this fall are likely to considerably impact many Canadian farmers.

Editorial: The taxman cometh

Canadian farmers could soon be swept up in a looming taxation crackdown. The Trudeau government has promised to lower the boom on what it characterizes as the abuse of private corporations by high-income individuals to avoid taxation. Doctors have been especially vocal in their condemnation of the move, saying they have forgone fee increases in

Editorial: Di ‘verse’ ity 2017

The Co-operator’s in good hands, and I don’t mind crediting That the staff is still doing a great job of reporting and editing But while kids these days can tweet fairly tersely They just don’t have what it takes to match two words versely So when it came to performing the annual requirement To review

Editorial: A shaky foundation

It’s often said employees are the bedrock of any business. Without them wheels don’t turn, work isn’t done, products aren’t created and customers aren’t served. If that really is so, and there’s a small library of management manuals to back that claim, agriculture in Canada is in real trouble. A joint study from the Conference

Editorial: Listen up

I spend a lot of time at farm meetings. It’s an occupational hazard. After a while, one can blend into another, even as common themes emerge. Recently one of those common themes has been the need to engage the public, advocate for the industry and ‘educate’ consumers. I agree the math is remorseless. The farm

Editorial: Point of pride

Have you ever noticed how a lot of people feel like anyone who disagrees with them is too stupid to know better? Nowhere is this more widespread than the political realm and the trend seems to grow with each passing election campaign. Not only are people wrong if they disagree, they’re uniformed, irrational or biased

Editorial: Hedge your risks: go underground

The dust is settling in the wake of last week’s U.S. election but it will be a while yet before we understand what the results mean for Canadians, including farmers. It’s an understatement to say Donald Trump’s election win came as a surprise, quite possibly even to him. The fact that his opponent received more

Editorial: Of interest

Ordinarily there’s not much interesting about interest rates. If things are functioning as they should, most of us rarely think about them. Anyone who does bring them up soon finds it’s a surefire topic to make a dinner companion’s eyes glaze over. But when they do get interesting, it’s rarely a good news story. Just