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Editorial: Who needs convincing?

Maybe it’s just a guilty pleasure or maybe you can justify it by saying it’s good mental exercise, but one way or another I confess — I watch “Jeopardy.” One of the benefits of being semi-retired is that you can be home to watch it at 4:30. Considering the U.S. drug commercials (with their terrifying […] Read more

Editorial: Ultimate inside information

One day in my previous life as director of information for the Canadian Wheat Board, a Chinese delegation was in Winnipeg to negotiate a wheat purchase. By that time, Chinese negotiations were down to a few days rather than the few weeks they had taken in the 1960s and 1970s, but there was still a […] Read more

Editorial: No fake news here

The tree is now down, the fruit cake all eaten So it’s time for our annual New Year’s greetin’ On the past year’s news we offer reflection And give a glimpse of the future direction Plus offer valuable free farming advice On what to grow, and when to sell at top price For a while […] Read more

Editorial: Rotation, rotation and rotation

In the early 1980s, the wheat board developed an idea called the Market Assurance Plan (MAP). That was back when there were perennial transport bottlenecks and the whole crop could sometimes not move by the end of the crop year. Even if it could move in total, it could be feast or famine for supply […] Read more

Editorial: Appoint a farmer to the Senate

On one hand it’s tempting to say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” because the Senate Agriculture and Forestry Committee certainly isn’t broke. Reading transcripts of meetings of the House of Commons Agriculture and Agri-Food Committee can be a bit of a chore, as members often engage in partisan politics. That’s not only a […] Read more

Editorial: Less water, more grass

A few hundred thousand here, a few million there. Manitoba’s PC government is rightly or wrongly getting plenty of attention for its trimming of the health-care and education systems. But it’s time for this government to start saving some real money. The Red River Basin Commission recently held meetings to mark the 20th anniversary of the […] Read more

Jubilee Jottings — looking back at the first 60 years

Canada 150: As they do today, farmers in 1927 reflected on how much easier life was than back in the old days

In the midst of war in 1917, there was not much appetite for a 50-year celebration of Confederation, so the country was anxious to celebrate the “Jubilee” year in 1927. Former editor John Morriss prepared this look back at what we covered as those celebrations approached. The Scoop Shovel, which published from 1925 until it […] Read more

Editorial: But what about the farmers?

The statistic does give you a bit of a jolt: In 2015 tiny Netherlands was No. 3 in world agri-food exports, with Canada way behind in No. 12 spot. That statistic is highlighted in the second report by the Advisory Council on Economic Growth, which was established by Minister of Finance Bill Morneau and led […] Read more

Editorial: Di ‘verse’ ity 2017

The Co-operator’s in good hands, and I don’t mind crediting That the staff is still doing a great job of reporting and editing But while kids these days can tweet fairly tersely They just don’t have what it takes to match two words versely So when it came to performing the annual requirement To review […] Read more

Dwayne Andreas founded the ‘Supermarket to the World’

Former ADM chairman used his connections to build the world’s largest grain and oilseed processor

Last week’s passing of former Archer Daniels Midland CEO Dwayne Andreas at age 98 serves to remind of his remarkable success and his influence on the world grain trade, including here in Canada. In 1993, Andreas was in Winnipeg to receive an International Distinguished Entrepreneur Award from the University of Manitoba. A few journalists got […] Read more