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Editorial: Eliminating sex from agriculture

There’s no denying that a talk called “Eliminating sex from agriculture to feed the world” is a sexy subject at a writers’ convention. So Tim Sharbel, the research chair in seed biology at the Global Institute for Food Security in Saskatoon, had his audience’s full attention at the recent Canadian Farm Writers Federation annual meeting.

Editorial: A meaty question

Do we need animals to produce meat? If I’d asked that question even a few years ago, everyone in the room would have assumed I either wasn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, or that I’d been reading too much science fiction and was waiting for the “Star Trek” replicators to become reality. These days

Editorial: More of the same?

There’s a certain predictability to how the next round of agricultural policy discussions are unfolding. With the Growing Forward 2 suite of programs set to expire in March 2018, many expect that what follows will closely resemble what’s being replaced. That might not serve Canadian agriculture particularly well, however, since the sector is facing a

Editorial: Feeding the fish

There’s a familiar trope of editorial cartoonists that features a chain of fish, small to large, with each larger incarnation set to consume the next smallest, until the tiny, blissfully unaware minnow at the very end of the food chain. It’s an image that’s been much on my mind lately as I’ve watched the latest

Editorial: Armchair economist

It’s been said that anyone who thinks about economic forecasts for more than about a half an hour a year is wasting their life. A professional economist told me that, and what she was getting at is the intractable nature of economics. Even the experts can’t agree on what’s happening, or has happened, never mind

Editorial: Quiet dedication

It was nearly 10 o’clock this past Tuesday evening, when my phone quietly buzzed, indicating an email had arrived. Despite what countless mental health experts have to say about not obsessively checking your work email during non-work hours, I couldn’t help but take a peek, as my curiosity got the better of me. What I

Editorial: Called out on our dirty little secret

Editorial: Called out on our dirty little secret

The world is full of customers who think they are special. They are the people who send their meal back in a restaurant if it isn’t cooked to their liking, or the ones who brag about never paying full price for anything. If truth be told, even a few farmers have used their scale or

Editorial: Prairie solitudes

What is our country’s relationship with its indigenous citizens going to be in the coming years? This is an important question and probably more important to you than many. First Nations communities are predominantly rural and frequently are your neighbours. But as a good friend of mine pointed out a while back, while following the

Editorial: Safety first

A few years ago I had what I now ruefully refer to as a series of unfortunate events. It began innocently enough with a phone call one Saturday morning from a friend, wondering if I could help him move a couch. An hour or so later, on a frosty March morning, we were wrestling it

Editorial: Peace and prosperity

Maybe it’s time for agriculture to climb down from its wartime footing. For decades now it’s been a battle as farmers fight nature, red in tooth and claw, to prevent crop damages and loss. It’s hardly surprising when you consider the historical context out of which our modern Green Revolution agriculture sprang. It took off