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DuPont said considering sale of nutrition, biosciences unit

Reuters — Specialty chemicals maker DuPont is considering a sale of its nutrition and biosciences unit, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, citing people familiar with the matter. The unit, which supplies everything from soy-based food ingredients to tablet binders, could be worth at least US$20 billion as a standalone entity, Bloomberg said. DuPont declined to comment

Researchers now say there’s scant evidence chicken is healthier 
than red meat.

Beef and pork healthy choices too

Researchers say there’s no correlation between meat choice and blood cholesterol levels

Chicken consumption has soared in recent years due to a presumption that it’s a healthier choice, but researchers now say that might not be so. The assumption is that poultry, due to its lower levels of saturated fatty acids, would contribute to lower blood cholesterol levels. Two recent clinical trials, from the Lawrence Berkeley National

Ag minister announces launch of Canadian food policy

Canada has its first food policy, an initiative to increase access to safe, nutritious and culturally diverse food, and to cut food waste. Marie-Claude Bibeau, minister of agriculture and agri-food and parliamentary secretary, Jean-Claude Poissant made the announcement Monday in Montreal. “The Food Policy for Canada is our road map for a healthier and more

Fashion, television and nutritional thinking have all changed in the past 40 years.

Looking back on nutrition trends

Though nutrition recommendations have changed over the years, moderation is still key

Where were you in 1979? I know some of my readers were adults at the time. Others were teens or children. Still others weren’t born yet. I was recently at the 40th anniversary meeting of a nutrition group that featured a keynote speaker who walked us through decades of changes in nutrition recommendations. Trust me:

ADM says to seek early retirements, may cut jobs

Chicago | Reuters — U.S. grain trader Archer Daniels Midland said on Wednesday it will seek voluntary early retirements by some North American employees and may eliminate individual jobs as part of a restructuring of specific areas. The actions are needed to strengthen ADM’s core business and establish the company as a global leader in

No more food groups in 2019 Canada’s Food Guide

The new Canada’s Food Guide unveiled January 22 by Health Canada is no longer a rainbow, but a dinner plate. The design of the image reflects its dietary guidelines — to cover half your plate with vegetables and fruits, devote a quarter of it to proteins, and the other quarter to whole grain breads, pasta,

Australian researchers have discovered a new barley compound.

New barley polysaccharide identified

A new barley compound could have a myriad of uses and even agronomic benefits

Australian researchers have discovered a new complex carbohydrate in barley, the first polysaccharide of its kind found in more than 30 years. Polysaccharides are a carbohydrate whose molecules consist of a number of sugar molecules bonded together. The material has the potential to be used for many applications in food, medicine and cosmetics. The research

“We believe that this information shows there are factors outside of a person’s control that influence the individual’s health, and these factors likely differ depending on where they live.” – Russell de Souza.

Research tips rural health challenges

Availability of healthy and unhealthy products a factor

Those who live in rural Canada may have a harder time keeping their New Year’s resolutions to eat better and live healthier lifestyles. There are factors beyond individual choices influencing your personal health, and these differ depending on where you live, according to a new study released by McMaster University in Hamilton. The researchers looked

With in five Canadians restricting meat in their diet, odds are that at least one person in your social group or family is a vegan or vegetarian.

Comment: Flexitarianism on the menu

A large and growing group of Canadians are becoming ‘part-time vegetarians’

Restaurants are struggling to get a good handle on how consumers are rapidly shifting away from animal protein. According to a recent study by Dalhousie University, nearly one in five Canadians have decided to either reduce the amount of meat they consume or have outright eliminated it from their diets. Add the fact that 63

A university research team estimates that feeding the global population in 2050 will require 12 million more hectares of arable land and one billion more hectares of pasture land if current food choices are maintained.

Editorial: Feeding the world — but with what?

It’s commonly believed that the world is at risk of running out of food and enough land to produce it. It’s true that the world’s population continues to grow and an emerging middle class in developing economies is increasing the demand for a higher-quality diet. It’s also true that the number of hungry people on