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Both farmed and wild elk, like these photographed near Glenboro, and other cervids such as deer, are frequently blamed for disease outbreaks in cattle herds despite all evidence to the contrary.

Comment: Elk not responsible for TB outbreak

Too often farmed animals and wildlife are blamed for outbreaks, despite evidence to the contrary

In recent months, several cattle from herds in Alberta and Saskatchewan have tested positive for exposure to tuberculosis. The index animal — a beef cow — was identified at slaughter at a U.S. processing plant. Since then several more suspects have been identified by skin testing. Over 22,000 cattle are affected by quarantines. A common

Most North Americans use velvet antler as dried powder in capsules, for recovery from injury or exercise, to boost testosterone, and improve circulation.

Regaining access to China markets

Tainted food scandals have convinced Chinese buyers that imports are safer

Cervid (elk and other deer) products have been used and prized in China for at least 2,700 years. That makes China a very valuable marketplace for cervid products. Indeed, it was a good market until Canada and the U.S. took action to contain and eradicate BSE in early 2003. China immediately closed its markets to