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Lack of detail, slow ratification of U.K. trade deal raises concern

There’s a chance that Canada-U.K. trade could be hit with tariffs, critics say

Despite boasting of signing a transitional agreement, Canada may not have a trade deal ready with the United Kingdom by the time 2021 rolls around. Exporters could be forced to pay British tariffs if the deal isn’t ratified into law by the end of the year. Canada’s International Trade Minister Mary Ng has failed to

Dairy farmers will get $1.75 billion in direct cash compensation over four years instead of eight years.

Federal funds to be used to shore up dairy, eggs, chicken against foreign imports

The federal government announced $691 million in trade compensation for poultry and egg farmers, shortened payment timelines for dairy on November 28

Federal funding commitments to supply-managed farmers should go to increase sustainability and efficiency and to innovate in the face of increasing foreign competition, say Manitoba commodity groups. Money promised to egg farmers would be well spent on product research, increasing sustainability, and consumer awareness — such as trust-building work done by the Canadian Centre for

Agricultural commodities and agri-foods account for one-third of Canada’s total exports to China.

China responsible for large leap in exports

Even Canadian canola exports to China are up from the previous year

China has dramatically picked up its imports from Canada in the 2020-21 marketing year. The Canadian Grain Commission (CGC) reported this week that at the end of October, China imported 3.17 million tonnes of wheat, barley, flax, canola and peas from Canada, compared to 1.51 million the same point in 2019-20. With China very eager

President-elect Biden expected to be ‘very U.S. minded’

China, WTO and CPTPP are all international issues that could benefit

President-elect Joe Biden is not expected to drastically change American trade policy, but his approach to other nations, particularly China, will likely differ. “The spirit of American trade policy is actually quite consistent between the Democrats and the Republicans,” said Canola Council of Canada’s Brian Innes. “That spirit is being aggressive with the world to get terms that help America.”

Grain Growers of Canada lobby Parliament Hill

Agriculture can help restart Canada's economy and the federal government help by addressing some issues, group says

Agriculture can help revitalize Canada’s post-COVID economy, but the federal government should clear the track for it. That means updating regulations to encourage technological innovation, improving market access for agricultural exports and recognizing farm practices that help the environment, Grain Growers of Canada (GGC) says. The organization, which represents 15 regional, provincial and national grain

A street scene in Shanghai. 
China’s vast population makes 
food security an issue for it and 
an opportunity for Canada.

Canada and China have reasons to re-engage on agricultural trade

China needs reliable food sources and Canada needs reliable agriculture markets, new report argues

It might not seem like it, but Canada and China need each other, which could be an opening to re-engage with Canada’s second-largest agricultural export customer, says a new report from the Canada West Foundation (CWF). In many ways it’s an obvious match. Canada consistently produces a lot more food than it consumes so it

Agricultural commodities and agri-foods account for one-third of Canada’s total exports to China.

Why the Chinese market is so critical to Canadian farmers

Trading with China is important for Canada, but especially for its farmers. China is Canada’s second-biggest export market for agricultural goods behind the United States, says a recent report from the Canada West Foundation. “The significance of this growing trade with China is of particular concern for Western Canada which ships close to two-thirds of

Can China be trusted on trade?

China is an important export customer for Canadian agricultural products, but can it be trusted? After the arbitrary arrest in December 2018 of two Canadians, Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, many Canadians would answer no. China using non-tariff trade barriers to cut back on Canadian canola seed, soybean and pork imports in 2019-20, added to

A post-Brexit deal in Britain with the European Union is being prioritized before any deal is likely to be reached with Canada.

Grim prospects of U.K.-Canada trade deal by end of year

The U.K. is preoccupied with ensuring there’s not a hard Brexit from the EU

As prospects of a trade deal between the United Kingdom and the European Union collapse, there is growing doubt in a post-Brexit pact involving Canada being completed by the end of the year. The U.K. left the EU on Jan. 31 and is nearing the end of an 11-month implementation period where essentially agreements remain status quo while the U.K. negotiates a more permanent