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All together now on digital agriculture

All together now on digital agriculture

FUNDING | Smart ag efforts get cash infusion for co-ordination

The province hopes a new shot of Canadian Agricultural Partnership funding will bring a more robust digital agriculture landscape, while also addressing skilled labour gaps. On Nov. 4, the federal and provincial governments announced $630,000 in CAP funding for the Enterprise Machine Intelligence and Learning Initiative (EMILI). Funds will support efforts to connect the ag

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COVID-19 and farm workers: How do we manage on the farm?

Keeping up to date with COVID-19 details and recommended protocols is challenging for everyone at this time. CAHRC has created a dedicated web page with the latest information, recommendations, employee management tips, tools (posters, policies) and links to authorities. These details will help you respond to the pandemic and limit the impact and spread of

Getting HR right a challenge

A new focus on human rights requires care and respect by farm employers

One of the biggest challenges facing farmers is finding the right people at the right time to work on their farms. It’s a situation made even more challenging by a changing hiring landscape that puts limitations on the kind of questions an employer can ask of a prospective employee, according to one expert in the

Eight steps for your HR strategy

Eight steps for your HR strategy

The labour gap in Canadian agriculture continues to widen and is expected to double by 2025. That’s prompting more farm businesses to focus on recruiting and retaining employees. At the same time, with employment standards constantly changing, and with considerations such as health and safety and workers compensation to think about, some farms are beginning

Manitoba Agriculture’s Khosi Mashinini leads attendees through hiring and employee retention tips during the Manitoba Farm Women’s Conference in Brandon Nov. 19-21.

Branding base for good hires

The Manitoba Farm Women’s Conference looked at hiring and human resources during the most recent event

Farms need a brand for hiring employees the same way they need to market for customers. That was one message that Manitoba Agriculture’s Khosi Mashinini had Nov. 20 during her presentation on human resource planning in Brandon. The farm enterprise management specialist urged producers to develop or update an HR plan, a document handling interview,

Five ways to avoid payroll fines

Five ways to avoid payroll fines

Just hired your first employee? Don’t get stuck paying fines for filing errors

Have you recently hired an employee for your farm? Are you doing your own payroll and bookkeeping? If so, I’m offering you an opportunity to learn from my mistakes. There is a lot of information available about conducting job interviews, creating job descriptions and deciding how much to pay employees. However, it’s hard to find

KAP general manager, James Battershill, announced the organization’s plans for the human resource pilot program at the summer general council meeting.

Assisting producers through labour challenges

KAP general manager, James Battershill says members could use support when dealing with human resource issues

Keystone Agriculture Producers is running a pilot project to see if it can help farmers find the workers they need. “We hear a lot of concerns from farmers, especially those with non-family employees, about their legal obligations and what the best human resource practices are,” said KAP general manager, James Battershill. KAP began piloting a