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Manitoba eases load limits for grains, livestock, vegetables, fertilizer

'Essential' commodities allowed at normal axle weights on more roads

Springtime load limits on certain Manitoba highways will be lifted early this year for transport of crops, livestock, fertilizer and other “essential” goods. Provincial Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler announced Tuesday that certain essential goods may be trucked at “normal loading” axle weights on highways usually subject to Level 1 road restrictions during spring thaw. Essential

Milder weather this winter is helping producers manage feed, but there’s still plenty of winter left.

Warm weather grants reprieve for livestock producers

Manitoba’s winter has been comparatively mild
 but is it enough to get feed supplies through the winter?

A so-far mild winter has helped bolster feed supplies, but producers aren’t out of the woods yet. The weather has given livestock producers some reprieve compared to last year, when several weeks of consistent temperatures below -30 C hit at already strained feed supplies. Livestock specialists are still most worried about poor nutrition for the coming calving and

Manitoba producers are eligible for the Hay Disaster Benefit for a second year.

Short feed triggers Hay Disaster Benefit for second year

Until last year, Manitoba had never triggered the Hay Disaster Benefit built into AgriInsurance

Manitoba’s Hay Disaster Benefit has been activated for the second year in a row after forage once again fell short of expectations in 2019. Estimated payments are far in excess of last year. On Jan. 10, the provincial and federal governments said they expected payments to exceed $5 million for losses suffered in 2019, compared

Hay disaster benefit kicks in for Manitoba growers

Eligible Manitoba forage growers can expect to share in a $5 million hay disaster benefit (HDB) for the 2019 crop year. Manitoba Agricultural Services Corp. (MASC), the provincial crop insurance agency, announced Friday that the HDB has been activated and benefit payments to eligible forage producers on about 1,500 claims will begin “shortly.” The HDB,

Year in review: Ranchers brace for another short feed winter

It’s a bad case of deja vu for livestock producers facing stressed pastures come 2020

Livestock producers were already starting from behind in 2019. Producers were already looking at a feed shortage after drought conditions stuck much of the province in 2018, particularly areas of southwest Manitoba and the Interlake. Most of agricultural Manitoba had qualified for the federal livestock tax deferral program in 2018 — a program that allows

A producer uses a bale processor to feed hay.

Steps to stretch limited hay supplies

All options must be closely evaluated while keeping an eye on the bottom line to ensure carrying animals through winter is realistic

Harvest and transport challenges have left many livestock producers facing a shortage of hay. That has some producers worrying they do not have enough forage on hand at this time to meet winter feed needs. “There are numerous strategies that can be used to help stretch limited forage supplies,” said Janna Block, extension livestock systems

Vermeer buys TMR mixer maker Schuler

U.S. hay and forage equipment manufacturer Vermeer Corp. is expanding its reach in the cattle feeding business with a deal for fellow Iowa firm Schuler Manufacturing. Vermeer announced Wednesday it purchased Schuler for an undisclosed sum and that Schuler products will still “initially” be sold under the Schuler brand, but with an “intentional transition” to

Start stretching feed early in the season to make sure you’re not managing a late-winter crisis, extension staff say.

Shortage of livestock feed leads to balancing act

Cattle can eat anything from potatoes to grain byproducts, but coming up with the right nutrition for the right price is the challenge

It’s been a dismal weather year from start to finish — but at least there will be plenty of feed grain. That’s the searching for a silver lining thought among Manitoba livestock producers facing yet another year of scrimping and culling to get their cattle through the winter. Stressed pastures, silage harvest difficulties, extended feeding

Rain challenges Manitoba cattle auctions

If nothing else, recent rains have helped pastures and hay land thrive

Challenging fall weather has not spared Manitoba’s cattle auction marts, as wet pastures and delayed harvests have limited the number of cattle coming to auction. Allan Munroe of Killarney Auction Mart noticed cattle volumes were down at auction marts during the month of September. “A lot of guys can’t get their cattle out from pasture, because there are standing crops in the