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The Canadian agriculture sector needs a few more hands to share the workload.

Helping hands: pilot immigration program targets rural Canada

The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program matches immigrants to jobs and could help agricultural recruiters fill vacancies

It’s no secret — finding employees to work on the farm isn’t getting any easier. Rural populations are dwindling, fewer have skills or aptitudes for farm work, or even any interest in finding out about jobs in agriculture. But a new initiative announced in late January could potentially send experienced farm managers, equipment operators, meat

The five-year Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot aims to attract more skilled immigrants to rural areas in Canada.

New program aims to attract skilled immigrants to rural Canada

Participating communities will gain access to a range of supports to help newcomers settle there

A new program announced by the federal government last week aims to tackle the problem of so few skilled immigrants choosing to work and live outside Canada’s large urban centres. The Honourable Ahmed Hussen, Canada’s Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced the new five-year pilot program January 24, saying it will be aimed at

Ag labour in the next 10 years

An upcoming survey aims to update agriculture’s labour needs for the next decade

It’s time to dig deeper into the labour shortages facing Canadian farms. So says the Canadian Agri-Food Human Resources Council (CAHRC) which says the sector needs to understand the labour shortages facing farm operations across the country to determine the extent and cost of them. A CAHRC report in 2014 forecast the 26,400 farm jobs

Canadian farmers and food processors say labour shortages are a critical concern for the sector and proposed fixes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program are a good step forward.

Agri-food sector needs foreign workers

Groups say a parliamentary report offers recommendations that are a step in the right direction

A parliamentary report on fixing the controversial Temporary Foreign Worker Program is a step in the right direction, according to agri-food sector industry groups. They say the recommendations will help the sector deal with chronic labour shortages that hampers competitiveness. Following the release of the report by the Commons human resources committee, the government said

Workers bone and cut beef at a meat-packing plant in Toronto.

Farm and agri-food employers hail call for foreign worker reform

A new parliamentary report backs their recommendations to fix critical shortage of workers, 
but will the federal government act on them?

Farm employers and food processors are hoping a new report will spur Ottawa to revamp its temporary foreign worker program. “There are a lot of things in the report that are very positive for ag and agri-food,” said Mark Chambers, senior production manager with Sunterra Farms and co-chair of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Labour Task

Three-year-old Ally South of Stavely holds an anti-Bill 6 sign prior to a meeting in Okotoks December 2, 2015 between farmers and ranchers and provincial Labour Minister Lori Sigurdson and Agriculture Minister Oneil Carlier.  Alberta’s government will retool a bill that would overhaul workplace standards on farms in Canada’s biggest cattle-producing province, its agriculture minister said, after protests by farmers and ranchers.

Politics and farm safety in Alberta

In no other industry would such a poor safety record be allowed stand unchallenged

My grandfather died in a farming accident. A great-aunt lost an arm in an auger. A boy I rode the school bus with stopped a church service one autumn to tell everyone his brother had just been crushed to death in a combine. In the last few months, four children have died in farming mishaps

Fewer farm deaths, but still far too many

Improvements in farm equipment cited as main reason for a slight decline in farm fatalities

Engineering improvements to farm equipment have made farming safer and are helping reduce the number of farm deaths each year in Canada — but only slightly. High numbers of farmers, their family members and farm workers still die on the job each year, according to updated data released last week by Canadian Agricultural Injury Reporting

Time to step up on farm safety

It’s time to bring farm safety out of the Stone Age, a Manitoba farm leader told participants attending last week’s Farm Safety Expo here. “We all know someone who has been injured and some know someone who’s been killed,” said Dan Mazier, vice-president of Keystone Agricultural Producers as a show of hands went up around