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Turn on the the six-inch auger under this bin and this mannequin will be chest deep in grain in just eight or nine seconds, says Glen Blahey.

Trapped in a flash — the horror waiting inside a grain bin

It happens with lightning speed and once you’re trapped, all you can do is pray that someone comes soon

If you’ve ever had a near miss in a grain bin — and lots of you have — this is the horrible fate you nearly suffered. It starts when your foot sinks past the ankle and the grain reaches your lower calf. Eight or nine seconds later, the grain is up to your chest. And

Saskatchewan seed grower Kevin Elmy says cover crops are the future, but admits it’s not an easy system to learn.

Cover crops offer big potential, pose bigger learning curve

It’s got easier to draw a crowd for a cover crop talk, but those looking 
for a one-size-fits-all solution will be disappointed

Looking over at the emptied room that had been packed with attentive farmers a few minutes earlier, cover crops guru Kevin Elmy could only shake his head. “If I had given a talk here five years ago, maybe the front row might have been filled — maybe,” the Saskatchewan farmer said after his FarmTech presentation,

Workers bone and cut beef at a meat-packing plant in Toronto.

Farm and agri-food employers hail call for foreign worker reform

A new parliamentary report backs their recommendations to fix critical shortage of workers, 
but will the federal government act on them?

Farm employers and food processors are hoping a new report will spur Ottawa to revamp its temporary foreign worker program. “There are a lot of things in the report that are very positive for ag and agri-food,” said Mark Chambers, senior production manager with Sunterra Farms and co-chair of the Agriculture and Agri-Food Labour Task