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Processors consulted on food safety regulation

The new regulation’s intent is to allow innovation and flexibility for business 
while ensuring they follow safe food practices, government officials say

Garth Jarvis of Jarvis Meats in Gladstone knows business must follow food safety rules and regulations, but those who make the rules need to understand their impact on business, he says. “A small business has to be able to afford to do it. That’s probably the biggest issue,” said Jarvis, who does custom slaughter for

Research tech inspecting a plant

U of M project puts DIY back into plant breeding

DIY has done wonders in the metal shop. Why not try it in the fields, too?

What do you do if you can’t find or can’t afford a piece of farm equipment for a particular job on your farm? For many, the answer is DIY, short for do-it-yourself. Necessity is the mother of invention, and often inspiration, a welder, chop saw, and a trip to the scrap pile is enough to

cattle grazing in a field

Farms quarantined due to delays in TB testing

Cattle movements are restricted indefinitely

A dozen farms in the Riding Mountain Eradication Area (RMEA) have been put under open-ended quarantine by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency due to delays in testing for bovine tuberculosis. “Essentially, anybody who was scheduled to test and has not yet tested is now under quarantine,” said federally appointed TB co-ordinator Allan Preston. Preston said


PEDv either a boom or bust for weanling producers

Staying clean means the difference between 
heaven or hell

For weanling producers in Manitoba, the devastation wrought by porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) elsewhere has a very silvery lining. As their counterparts south of the border and in Eastern Canada haul dead piglets out of their barns by the wheelbarrow, the industry here is getting $90-$100 per head for isoweans and up to $135 for

Man speaking at a podium.

Federal money will boost Manitoba’s TB fight in cattle

A two-pronged strategy aims to reduce need for herd surveillance testing

More money, this time from the federal government, is being poured onto the three-decade-long fight to eradicate bovine tuberculosis from the Riding Mountain National Park area. TB co-ordinator Dr. Allan Preston, who has just been reappointed, said the pair of new initiatives announced last month are aimed at shifting the focus away from testing herds

Harness horse racing

Two towns drop out, but two more sign up for harness racing circuit

Betting on the ponies losing favour with youth

Lose some, win some. The withdrawal of two towns that formerly hosted weekend races on the provincial harness racing circuit has been offset by the addition of two new ones, with Morris and Selkirk signing on to host the Manitoba Great Western Harness Racing Circuit. Wawanesa will be taking a year off, and Deloraine has

Man showing multilingual sign for community gardeners.

Seedy Saturday turns five

The fifth annual Seedy Saturday reflects growing interest in urban gardens

Brandon’s Central United Church on a Saturday morning is probably the last place you’d expect to find a bunch of seedy characters — yet, there they were. Organizer Blake Hamilton estimated that some 160 avid gardeners showed up to enjoy a free local-food breakfast, peruse the wide selection of heritage and heirloom seed varieties on

Cows, calf, and a pig.

Manitoba launches livestock price insurance for cattle, hogs

The program based on Western Canada prices offers better protection than CME futures hedging

A new price insurance scheme for Manitoba livestock producers has officially been launched, but whether there will be a stampede through the gate remains to be seen. Applications for the Western Livestock Price Insurance Program (WLPIP), a new tool to manage risk and withstand market volatility, were unveiled last week by Food and Rural Development

Ranchers see no promise in premises ID

Fearing they are the target, not TB, some ranchers refuse to comply with premises ID

A handful of ranchers in the Riding Mountain Eradication Area are balking at a provincial bid to use premises identification and ear tags to help with surveillance for bovine tuberculosis — even if it results in less on-farm testing. Rossburn-area rancher Rodney Checkowski wonders if the actual intent is to drive him and some of

Bulls being loaded onto a trailer.

Ranchers flock to ‘no-bull’ bull sale

Douglas Bull Test Station’s annual all-breed bull sale passes 50-year milestone

Where do you go when you want a bull, but no B.S.? For 50 years now, ranchers have been boosting their operations’ bullpower at the annual spring sale hosted by the Manitoba Bull Test Station at Douglas, Man. Owned and operated by the Manitoba Beef Cattle Performance Association Inc., it is one of the largest