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Grow Gourds For Crafts

Whether you plan to create birdhouses, vases, bowls or even jewelry, birdhouse gourds are a versatile craft medium which can be grown right in your own backyard. Because of their longer growing season requirements, the seeds need to be started late April/early May. Fresh seed is important as birdhouse gourd seeds do not stay viable

The Butternut Squash Rediscovered

“Don’t forget to plant the butternut squash…” I kept urging my husband this spring, who does the bulk of the spring garden work every year. He didn’t forget. A good thing too. We lost most of our garden’s potatoes to blight this year. But in our basement cold room where potatoes in gunny sacks would

Make Some Halloween Creatures

With names like Baby Boo, Jack Be Little, Goblin Eggs, New Moon, Lumina, Warlock and Gargoyle, miniature pumpkins and decorative squash are perfect for creating all sorts of Halloween crafts and decorations. Children particularly enjoy making various Halloween creatures out of these often bizarre-shaped squash, either by carving them or by simply drawing faces on

Now That’s A Big Melon

This past winter, Marris and Joanne Bos of Rapid City, Man. were holidaying in the Okanagan Valley in B. C. and visited the museum in Osoyoos. There they acquired information about an unfamiliar plant and even obtained some seeds from the museum, seeds for a plant called the zucca melon (zucca Neopalitana). This melon, or

Gardening With Meals In Mind

When planning the garden this season why not think about ethnic cuisine? Italian – Try easy-to-grow basil, oregano, rosemary and parsley. Then add some Romaine, Bibb and Butter lettuces to the garden and follow that with vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, zucchini, beans and of course, garlic. French – Make your own herb mix with

Pumpkin Patch Booming In Third Year

“Until the second week in August, we didn’t have anything bigger than an apple. Then, as soon as it got hot, away they went.” – DON PODOBNI The cool, late spring this year gave the operators of the Pumpkin Patch a bit of a scare, but a warm August saw a reversal of fortunes that

Send Recipes Or Recipe Requests To: – for Oct. 1, 2009

RECIPE SWAP Tip For Slicing Raw Pumpkin Margaret Heise of Hamiota sends this tip for slicing a raw pumpkin without needing to get out the chain-saw. Microwave the whole pumpkin for one minute on high or slightly longer depending on size. Split the pumpkin in half and scoop out the seeds. Turn upside down on

Pumpkins Dwarfed By Cool Summer

The giant pumpkins entered at Roland Pumpkin Festival October 3 might not be so giant this year. Pumpkins didn’t get the heat they needed this year, said Daniel Bezte, chair of the Giant Growers Association in Manitoba. “They like temperatures in the upper 20s. That’s their ideal weather,” said Bezte, who was babysitting a pumpkin

Recipe Swap – for Sep. 3, 2009

RECIPE SWAP There are certain times of year when there is simply too much of a good thing. Irene Lo Scerbo of West St. Paul sent us a terrific recipe for zucchini fritters in August, knowing readers would soon be in need of new ideas for using this abundant garden vegetable. Joy Smith in B.

Do You Have Recipies For Using Pumpkin?

Co-operator reader Alberic Brunette of Holland wrote to us earlier this year requesting good recipes for using cooked pumpkin. Stored, harvested pumpkins don’t last more than a few months and he is interested in freezing pumpkin this fall for later use. Can you help him out? We would love to get lots of pumpkin recipes