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Gardening in the shade

Many plants will actually thrive in shady areas There are many garden plants that can not only survive, but thrive in the shade, like annuals such as begonia, lobelia and sweet potato and perennials such as astilbe, bleeding heart and hosta. If you have a shady area, here’re some tips:  Shade gardening often means

Wonderful world of basil

Whether you say bay-zil, or baa-zil, there’s one thing everyone will agree on. Juicy, sun-warmed tomato chunks mixed with olive oil, freshly torn basil and garlic spooned over hot pasta is truly a feast sublime. What’s pesto without fresh basil? Besides having extraordinary taste, basil is incredibly easy to grow, and the numerous shapes and

One of the many benefits to being in a garden is the heavenly aromas you encounter as you make your way down a garden path. The cause could be the winds gently nudging the viburnum branches or the oils of a scented geranium leaf being released by the brush of a sleeve. Or maybe it’s

Glossary of garden terms

As we look through those seed catalogues and plan for a new season, here’s a list of terms to brush up on: Acidic soil: has a pH below seven, typical of clay soils. Azaleas, camellias, dogwoods and roses like acidic soils. Alkaline soil: has a pH of seven or higher. Annual plant: lives one year

Wildflowers For The Home Garden

Wildflowers are one of Mother Nature’s loveliest gifts. In the home landscape they are ideal for creating colourful beds and borders, as well as offering a lower-maintenance alternative for large areas or for replacing turf grass. A garden of wildflowers offers several benefits to both the gardener and the environment. Once established, wildflowers require less

Flowers You Can Eat – for Jul. 29, 2010

Garnishing with edible flowers can add an exotic and creative touch to a meal, not to mention a splash of colour and culinary interest. Some of the more popular edibles are: marigolds, squash blossoms, dianthus, nasturium and violets. If you add some flowers to your food be sure to follow these precautions: Make sure you

Gardening With Meals In Mind

When planning the garden this season why not think about ethnic cuisine? Italian – Try easy-to-grow basil, oregano, rosemary and parsley. Then add some Romaine, Bibb and Butter lettuces to the garden and follow that with vegetables such as tomatoes, onions, zucchini, beans and of course, garlic. French – Make your own herb mix with