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Pumpkins Dwarfed By Cool Summer

The giant pumpkins entered at Roland Pumpkin Festival October 3 might not be so giant this year.

Pumpkins didn’t get the heat they needed this year, said Daniel Bezte, chair of the Giant Growers Association in Manitoba. “They like temperatures in the upper 20s. That’s their ideal weather,” said Bezte, who was babysitting a pumpkin of his own weighing a puny 75 lbs. last week. A few more days of weather like we had last week – and things look promising – can make a big difference, though. By festival even his 75-pounder could be up to 500 lbs. if this keeps up, he said.

“I still think someone will have a big one but I don’t know if we’ll get to 1,000 pounds this year.”

Growers consider anything weighing 500 lbs. or less to be a small pumpkin.

The Giant Growers Association formed in 2006 to formalize Roland’s participation in the national Great Pumpkin Commonwealth.

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