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Make Some Halloween Creatures

With names like Baby Boo, Jack Be Little, Goblin Eggs, New Moon, Lumina, Warlock and Gargoyle, miniature pumpkins and decorative squash are perfect for creating all sorts of Halloween crafts and decorations. Children particularly enjoy making various Halloween creatures out of these often bizarre-shaped squash, either by carving them or by simply drawing faces on them with waterproof markers. The creatures can be made more interesting by adding hats, jewelry and anything else that would make them unique.

Some decorative squash are dark green with light-green markings and have an elongated shape that makes them perfect for creating serpentine creatures. All that is required is to create a mouth and eyes on the large end (blossom end) and perhaps add some feet to create a salamander- type creature. The feet could be made from any number of things – seed pods, small, hot green peppers, or even plant stems. Items added to the squash are attached with straight pins.

The surfaces of many decorative squash are covered with warts, making them ideal for turning into ugly hags or scary Frankenstein-type creatures. A face can be carved or drawn to depict a frightening countenance which will be even more grotesque because of all the warts on the squash’s surface. A hat can be added – perhaps a pirate’s handkerchief or a small baseball hat put on backwards to create the impression of a nasty gangster.

Not all of the creatures necessarily need to be ugly and scary. Many small squash and mini-pumpkins are smooth skinned and either pale yellow, orange or pale green. These squash can be carved or have faces drawn on them that are funny – full of smiles and whimsy as opposed to being scary and morose.

The creative process could be taken a step further by making entire scenes into which the creatures are incorporated. The ones with smiling faces and comical expressions could be used in a yard full of play equipment also made from “found” objects, not necessarily all plant material. One could be on a swing, two others on a teeter-totter, and even a couple in a swimming pool, and so on.

A scary swamp or steamy jungle scene could be created to house the other creatures: a grotesque salamander climbing out of a murky pond, a snake-like creature in a tree branch ready to fall onto an unsuspecting prey below – the possibilities are endless.

Only their imaginations and the number of squash and mini-pumpkins available limit what can be created by imaginative young people for this Halloween project.

– Albert Parsons writes from

Minnedosa, Manitoba


Thecreaturescanbe mademoreinterestingby addinghats,jewelryand anythingelsethatwould makethemunique.

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