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“There’s conflicting arguments on that one,” MBP president Tom Teichroeb said of the proposed cap resolution.

District producers back step on AUM cap

Some producers now say they want a new, albeit larger, AUM cap on Crown lands

Ranchers near Ste. Rose du Lac want the province to take another step back on Crown lands — although this change was initially heralded as a victory. Manitoba Beef Producers (MBP) had welcomed the removal of a 4,800 animal unit month (AUM) cap from forage and grazing lease eligibility, one of a number of sweeping

Modernization of Crown land access has unleashed the uncertainties of future access and casts doubt for producers regarding future investments.

Comment: On Crown Lands, we get what we ask for

Why is anyone surprised by the recent changes to Crown land allocation?

The Oct. 10 front page of the Manitoba Co-operator read “Feeling Betrayed: Crown land tenants voice opposition” and the article describes a series of events that began at the Manitoba Beef Producers annual general meeting held in Brandon February 2017. A resolution was presented to the convention demanding MBP lobby the provincial government to replace

Public urged to call ahead for land access

The province will be asking hunters to inform leaseholders before going onto leased Crown lands

Former Manitoba Agriculture Minister Ralph Eichler wants more courtesy when the public accesses leased Crown lands this hunting season. The province will be partnering with the beef industry on an awareness campaign, he said. “It’s a major issue for beef producers but, as a government, that land belongs to all Manitobans, so legally I can’t

Forage leaseholders express their displeasure with the loss of unit transfers at a packed meeting in Ste. Rose du Lac Oct. 15.

Leaseholders feel ignored over Crown lands consultation

Forage leaseholders say their concerns were never taken seriously

[UPDATE: Oct. 28, 2019] Ranchers say their concerns were ignored while the province drafted its new Crown land lease regulations. Leaseholders at an Oct. 15 meeting in Ste. Rose du Lac criticized the government for what they say was a lack of consultation. Few leaseholders in the room were directly consulted, they said. One rancher,

First Crown land auction dates announced

Auctions will be conducted in late November and early December

The Manitoba government has announced the first dates for upcoming agricultural Crown land lease auctions, Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen announced Oct. 25. The auctions represent the first time leases have been awarded outside the points system that prevailed for decades. The changes have been very unpopular with many leaseholders, who say the

Letters: Crown land changes short sighted

The Manitoba government’s recent changes to the Agricultural Crown Lands (ACL) Program are a major blow to ranchers operating on leased Crown land throughout this province. It is not surprising that leaseholders are furious at the changes that the government has introduced as they appear to be nothing but a short-sighted cash grab. The regulatory

Dakota Sorensen of Eddystone (right) expresses his concern during a public meeting on Crown land lease changes in Ste. Rose du Lac Oct. 15.

Crown lands renewal promise fails to quench rancher anger

New forage Crown land regulations have earned near-universal scorn

[UPDATE: Oct. 24, 2019] Ranchers are deriding what they say are half-measures when it comes to fixing new Crown lands regulations. The changes, announced in September 2018, and outlined this fall, drop the old points system in favour of open auction, extend eligibility to Canadian residents outside Manitoba, drop lease length from 50 years to

Some producers are worried of the financial impact to their operations once the province releases their new Crown lands regulations.

Ranchers call for certainty on unit transfers

Northern ranchers are worried that Crown land unit transfers might disappear ‘with a stroke of the pen’

Northern beef producers say they stand to take a big hit on farm value, should unit transfers not be on the table when the province releases their Crown lands regulations. The province froze both new Crown land leases and unit transfer applications in the wake of changes to the Crown Lands Act, pending a review.