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“The transitionary provision was never operative because the moratorium on unit transfers was never lifted.” – Blaine Pedersen, Agriculture and Resource Development Minister.

Muddled messages on Crown land transitional measure

Ag Minister Blaine Pedersen says the transitional transfer set to be repealed, to the dismay of leaseholders, was never operational

Provincial Agriculture Minister Blaine Pedersen says a transitional measure on the chopping block under proposed Crown land regulations was never actually in play. Earlier this fall, forage leaseholders raised concern with the potential removal of the measure, which would have allowed those who held their lease prior to last year’s Crown land changes to transfer

Letters: Crown land leaseholders betrayed

Our provincial minister of agriculture wants you to believe that he generously gave leaseholders what they wanted after there was a huge uproar over proposed Crown land modernization changes made by then minister Ralph Eichler. That is not the case. After huge leaseholder protests, Ralph Eichler conceded and agreed to bring back family transfers, ensuring

Forage leaseholders express their displeasure with the loss of unit transfers at a packed meeting in Ste. Rose du Lac last Oct. 15.

Leaseholders decry transitional transfer loss

Forage leaseholders say the Crown land changes currently on the table would hit retiring farmers

Forage leaseholders say any of their number looking to retire will be in for a tough time, should changes to Agricultural Crown Land regulations go through as tabled. The changes, currently up for public consultation, mainly deal with adding in a first right of renewal for legacy leases — those forage and grazing leases in

Province promises rent break on 2019 dry Crown lands

The province says a rent credit will help forage leaseholders hurt by last year’s feed shortage, while producers are less convinced

Leaseholders hardest hit by the 2019 feed crisis will catch a break on next year’s rent — but producers say that won’t erase their financial woes under the new Crown lands system. On Oct. 16, the province announced a one-time rent credit for Agricultural Crown land leaseholders in the 18 municipalities that announced a state

Livestock producers share their outrage at a last-minute, Oct. 2, 2019 meeting in St. Rose du Lac after the province released incoming changes to Agricultural Crown Lands regulations.

Crown land lease renewals to extend to family transfers

Producer groups had urged the government to add family transfers into their plan for renewing legacy forage leases for the sake of farm succession

[UPDATED: Oct. 6, 2020] Family members taking up the torch on their family’s operations which involve Crown land leases will, in fact, benefit from the right of renewal promised last year by the provincial government. The regulatory change would allow producers who held their grazing or haying lease prior to last year’s changes to renew

Manitoba to open more Crown lands to haying, grazing

Province now taking requests for permits

Manitoba livestock producers up against dry conditions can now apply for temporary passes to get onto Crown land not normally designated for grazing or haying. The province announced Friday it will make such lands available this year for agricultural use “under certain circumstances.” Permits and land uses will be handled through the Agricultural Crown Lands

Crown land rents should be rolled back in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the provincial opposition says.

NDP calls for Crown land payment suspension following Cargill closure

The NDP is adding Crown land payments to its list of ag-related recommendations as the COVID-19 pandemic continues

Manitoba’s NDP is pushing the provincial government to roll back Crown land rent increases due to the impact on the beef sector from COVID-19. The rent increases came last year as part of a list of changes to the Crown land allocation program. The province introduced a new rental formula, which tied rents to beef

Crown grazing leases are getting more expensive over the next two years and that worries the province’s ranchers.

Rising lease rates worry ranchers

Livestock producers want to see the province’s new Crown land rental rate changed

Northern ranchers are experiencing sticker shock over new lease rates. The price of Crown grazing land is rising this year, as part of a larger plan to revamp how that land is allocated and managed. The new rental formula ties rates to the beef market. Under the new system, rates are calculated by multiplying the

Beef producers vote on this year’s batch of resolutions, many of which dealt with Agricultural Crown Lands, during the Manitoba Beef Producers annual meeting in Brandon Feb. 6-7.

Beef producers urge consideration for land improvements

Beef producers have a long list of changes they’re pushing with the province, including more room for land improvement values

Beef producers want to roll land improvement costs into what people are bidding for when Agricultural Crown Lands come up for auction. In late 2019, the province said it would no longer be in the business of buying land improvements when a lease rolls over, one of a swath of changes made to the Agricultural

Letters: Crown land sales already raising ire

In response to Agriculture and Resource Development Minister Blaine Pedersen’s letter in the Jan. 16 issue of the Co-operator: Minister Pedersen, I am new to this part of the world, but not to ranching. And I’m a fast learner. I understand that many producers were unhappy with the old points system used, in this province,