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This red and grey rug will long be a reminder of the coronavirus lockdown and the simple tasks that made it easier.

Work of our hearts

Trying times like these mean small comforts can take you a long ways towards greater inner peace

“When our eyes see our hands doing the work of our hearts, the circle of creation is completed inside us, the doors of our souls fly open and love steps forth to heal everything in sight.” — Michael Bridge With COVID-19 hanging over the entire world like a depressing grey cloud, I am quite content

Lynne and John Hogg welcome customers at C & J Wood Works.

Shoal Lake woodworking business going strong for nine years

C & J Wood Works can create something new, refinish something old, or do some repair work

It’s been nine years since John and Lynne Hogg set up a woodworking business in Shoal Lake, and while many things remain the same, there have been some interesting changes along the way. Although the mainstay of C & J Wood Works has been just that — whether it’s creating something new, refinishing a treasure

Elias Wipf with some intarsia pieces created by him and his students.

Teaching the art of intarsia

Decker Colony teacher shares woodworking passion with this mosaic wood art

Elias Wipf, a member of the Decker Colony and teacher at the school, has always been fascinated by the natural appearance of wood. This led him to the perfect hands-on craft — intarsia wood art — a mosaic of different types of lumber. “All of the different pieces of wood have their natural colours and

Amanda Reimer is the founder of Etsy Sellers Manitoba. She is also the owner of Silver Moose Arts a home-based business in Landmark making vintage and silver jewelry.

Online community supports Manitoba’s burgeoning maker movement

Etsy Sellers of Manitoba is an Etsy team created to support and grow the burgeoning crafter movement in the province

Pre-Christmas sales are popping up all across rural Manitoba as hundreds of creative Manitobans emerge from their kitchens and studios and basement sewing rooms with armloads of homemade art and craft. Handcrafters, artists and designers of all types of artisanal goods depend on these events for the exposure it provides and the revenues it can

Elaine Owen, Grade 6 teacher at Miami School, holds the classroom’s pet angora rabbit that spends his 
days being patted and adored by students when they’re not knitting and spinning.

Wool studies help students see value of hard work — and generosity

Grade 6 social studies students at Miami School learn to card and spin, knit and crochet

Angela Dyck and Alyssa Bruce think a little differently than most teen girls about clothing. They don’t take a full closet for granted. Earlier generations didn’t have one, and it took a long time to make anything to wear, say the two 12-year-olds at Miami School. “We have it much better than they did,” says

Create cosy rooms in your house this winter

Try a few decorating changes to help get you through those long, cold months

Winter will soon be upon us. Plan now for decorating changes that will get you through the cold months with warmth and comfort. A few updates are all you need to take you through the winter season. Warm fall colours and cosy textures are great additions to take you from summer to winter. This doesn’t

Need A Centrepiece For Thanksgiving?

This Autumn Table Ring will bring the colours of fall indoors and make a great centrepiece for the Thanksgiving dinner table. Materials: – 12x2x2-inch Styrofoam ring – Thin knitting needle, darning needle or skewer – 30 inches of 44-inch wide orange, yellow and black cotton fabric – Glass bowl – 3 floating candles Instructions: Cut

Novel-Knit Scarf

Here is a simple-to-make scarf which doubles in size and changes the appearance. It is knit in the round like a sock. Once you finish, the stitches you drop are pulled to make the lacy pattern. Materials: A ball of yarn and a set of four No. 10 knitting needles. Instructions: Cast on 30 stitches

Simple-To-Knit Neck Warmer

Knit up a neck warmer to keep you cosy during the remaining days of cold weather. Materials: – 1 ball of knitting worsted yarn – Size 5 knitting needles Instructions: Cast on 60 stitches (child) OR 68 stitches (adult). K2, P2 to make turtleneck to desired length. Slip 30 stitches (child) OR 34 stitches (adult)

Crochet a Christmas bookmark

Here is a simple bookmark you can make for a Christmas gift. It can be completed in an evening. You can also use in place of a bow on a wrapped gift. Materials: White bedspread-weight crochet cotton Size 1.75 mm (4) crochet hook Red and green embroidery cotton Darning needle Directions: Vertical Bar: Using white