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Make a Pretty Prose Chalkboard

Perfect for quick reminders, this gift will be enjoyed all year long. Never miss another important message from each other as you hurry through your day. Supplies: • Wooden plaque • Protective gloves • Dynamic Chalkboard • Paint (946-ml can — black) —available at paint stores • 3-inch-wide foam brush • Solvents for cleanup (see

Make A Melted Memories Frame

Do you have old vinyl records that may not be in the best condition but you can’t bear to part with? Here’s a fun craft to do with the kids in the summer heat that will put them to another use while still allowing you to hold on to them. It will probably stir up

Gather Up The Cones And Make A Wreath

Nature walks supply us with healthy exercise and many craft materials. If you have a supply of pine cones, why not display them in a wreath? Working on your own or with young people, the cardboard base makes it much easier to assemble. Materials: An assortment of pine cones Glue gun 8-or 10-inch shaped wire

Hang Some Santa Shell Ornaments

Do you have a collection of shells? Why not display some as Christmas ornaments with images of Santa Claus on them? These ornaments are simple and fun to make, and can be a great addition to a tree or wreath – a perfect craft for the younger kids. Materials: White shells Santa faces or bodies

Halloween Apples

Halloween is a time for fun, a time to get spooked and a time to eat wonderful treats. One food that is synonymous with Halloween is the apple. It has been part of the Halloween tradition for over 1,000 years. The Celtic people of Britain and Northern Europe had two seasons, summer and winter. On

Need A Centrepiece For Thanksgiving?

This Autumn Table Ring will bring the colours of fall indoors and make a great centrepiece for the Thanksgiving dinner table. Materials: – 12x2x2-inch Styrofoam ring – Thin knitting needle, darning needle or skewer – 30 inches of 44-inch wide orange, yellow and black cotton fabric – Glass bowl – 3 floating candles Instructions: Cut

Make ThisT FromTwo In Time For Canada Day

Show your Canadian spirit by wearing this T-shirt on July 1. SUPPLIES: Two cotton T-shirts, one white and one red Red thread Two images of the maple leaf Cardboard to fit inside T-shirts Straight pins and safety pins Chalk Sharp pointed scissors Yardstick DIRECTIONS: Prepare the T-shirts Wash both T-shirts separately in hot water. This

Just In Time For Father’s Day — A Great Gift Idea

This craft requires patience. The ink is not absorbed but sits on the tile’s surface so it may take a number of attempts to make a crisp printed image. Picture and letter stickers may replace the stamped images. Spray both versions with the sealer; omitting the oven process for the stickers and tile. Continue to

Wake Up The Family With Sweetheart Toast

How about this toast for breakfast to greet each family member on Valentine’s Day? Materials: – 2/3 c. milk – Yellow food colour – Red food colour – White bread – Honey – 2 thin paintbrushes – Wide brush for honey – 2 glasses – A toaster oven works best Directions: Pour 1/3 cup of

Recycle And Make A “Do-Over” Decoration

Have you noticed the range of colours plastic bags come in? I chose to recycle some red and white bags to make this “Do-Over” Decoration and it’s water resistant as well. It’s a simple craft that requires patience but is well worth the effort, and it is made mostly out of recycled materials. Materials: 15