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Simple-To-Knit Neck Warmer

Knit up a neck warmer to keep you cosy during the remaining days of cold weather.


– 1 ball of knitting worsted yarn – Size 5 knitting needles


Cast on 60 stitches (child) OR 68

stitches (adult). K2, P2 to make turtleneck to desired

length. Slip 30 stitches (child) OR 34 stitches (adult) onto stitch holder.

* With the 30 OR 34 stitches left on the needle cast on 8 stitches to each

side. Row 1: Knit 6, Knit to end of row. Row 2: Knit 6, Purl to end of row. Continue these two rows to desired


The last five rows or so, knit every

row to make a garter stitch. I usually make the second side shorter, because one doesn’t need it so long in the back.

– Both projects from Joanne

Rawluk who writes from Gypsumville, Manitoba



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