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Tips For Drying Tomatoes

If you have an abundance of cherry tomatoes that you cannot keep up with, why not make dried tomatoes out of them? They can be added to salads and breads during the winter. How to dry: Wash, cut in half, place on a parchment- lined cookie sheet, sprinkle with coarse salt and bake at 170

Everyday Valentine

Have you hugged someone today, a friend, your child, your spouse? Have you said “I love you” to someone within your house? Have you spread some love around to those along the way? To ones you meet and talk with every single day? The kind of love that comes from God, He asks us to

Highlight Of The Year

Do you remember the one-room schools where the Christmas concert was the highlight of the year? Plays, skits, poems and songs made up the program, along with the nativity pageant, which gave us the reason for Christmas. I attended a one-room school where Grades 1 to 8 were taught. In early November the classes waited

Lest We Forget

We remember the sacrifices our military made When they went off to war defending our country Stopping the enemies of freedom, justice and peace. We will always remember and be thankful For those who fight today in foreign lands Defending the helpless and the poor Attempting to stop the evil that threatens world peace. Let

Handy Household Hints

To prevent soggy pie crust, sprinkle a tablespoon of flour on the bottom shell before adding filling. To prevent foaming when making jam, add a tablespoon of butter to the fruit when cooking. Spot remover for clothes: 2 parts water, 1 part rubbing alcohol. Try on an inconspicuous area first. Wall cleaner: 1/2 cup ammonia,

To Be Canadian

What does it mean to you to be Canadian? Does your heart swell with pride when you hear our national anthem played? When our flag is raised? When our military serve so bravely in other countries? When our athletes win a medal at the Olympics? Do you really value your citizenship in this glorious country?

Novel-Knit Scarf

Here is a simple-to-make scarf which doubles in size and changes the appearance. It is knit in the round like a sock. Once you finish, the stitches you drop are pulled to make the lacy pattern. Materials: A ball of yarn and a set of four No. 10 knitting needles. Instructions: Cast on 30 stitches

The Good Life

A family sold their farm one day City bound they made their way An auction sale had long preceded Taking only what they needed They packed their bags and ventured on Their farming life forever gone A sigh of pain, a tear or two For the many years they saw life through The many storms,

A Pioneer Christmas Day

Smoke curled lazily from the chimney of our small farmhome north of Birch River, Manitoba. It was Christmas Day, 1948. Dad had been up since 5 a. m. adding more wood to the heater and lighting the wood cookstove. It was soon warm and we children excitedly joined Mom and Dad around the Christmas tree

Bread Baking Then And Now

Bought bread was nonexistent in our home when I was a child. My mother baked all the bread we ate and the delicious golden loaves were cooked in her wood range. The aroma of fresh bread, buns and cinnamon rolls, which were ready for us when we came home from school, will remain forever in