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Need A Centrepiece For Thanksgiving?

This Autumn Table Ring will bring the colours of fall indoors and make a great centrepiece for the Thanksgiving dinner table.


– 12x2x2-inch

Styrofoam ring – Thin knitting needle, darning

needle or skewer – 30 inches of 44-inch wide orange,

yellow and black cotton fabric – Glass bowl

– 3 floating candles Instructions:

Cut the fabric into 1-1/2-inch squares. Press the thin knitting needle, the end of a darning needle or the blunted end of a wooden skewer into the centre of a square of fabric. Push this about halfway into the ring. Repeat in random order until no white on the ring is visible. Once finished, snip or pluck off the loose threads. Set the bowl, half full of water and the candles, or potpourri, and even dried leaves into the centre of the ring.

A colourful addition to any fall dinner.

– Dana Ramstedt is a freelance writer and preschool

teacher of 18 years.

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