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Novel-Knit Scarf

Here is a simple-to-make scarf which doubles in size and changes the appearance. It is knit in the round like a sock. Once you finish, the stitches you drop are pulled to make the lacy pattern.


A ball of yarn and a set of four No. 10 knitting needles.


Cast on 30 stitches and divide

on three needles. Knit two rows.

Row 3: K1, wool over, and repeat this K1, wool over until the end of the

round (30 st). Continue knitting until desired length. (The scarf will be double the knitted length when you finish. For example: 12 inches= 24 inches approx.). Next: Knit 1, drop 1 stitch to end of

round. Knit 2 rows. Cast off.

Pull stitches (starting at the end you cast off) to make runs from the stitches you dropped and you will have created a beautiful lace-like scarf which lengthens as you pull on the stitches.

To finish make a fringe on each end.

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