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Even as railways set shipping records, year-end carry-over continues to grow.

Grain shipping. It’s a good news-bad news story

The grain-handling system keeps setting records, even as carry-out keeps rising

[UPDATED: June 5, 2020] Despite major setbacks earlier in the shipping season and COVID-19, Canada’s railways are setting grain shipping records. *Year-to-date movement to Vancouver, Prince Rupert and Thunder Bay is two per cent ahead of last crop year’s (2018-19) pace, which ended with a record of 34.9 million tonnes shipped. Total shipments to all

The provincial government wants to trim MASC salaries by as much as 20 per cent due to perceived technological efficiencies and in a possible response to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pallister muses about cuts to Manitoba Agricultural Services Corp.

KAP says doesn't want Manitoba farmers' most important business risk management program to be undermined

Premier Brian Pallister appears to be determined to make funding cuts to the Manitoba Agricultural Services Corporation (MASC), despite calls for caution from the Keystone Agricultural Producers. During his regular COVID news conference Tuesday, Pallister was asked why MASC salary cuts of up to 20 per cent are being considered. “Manitoba Ag Services has been

CN posts larger profit in first quarter

Income was up, despite the effect of rail blockades earlier this year

Despite Canadian National Railway (CN Rail) having taken the brunt of the rail blockades earlier this year, the company saw its net income in the first quarter of 2020 increase by 29 per cent. The railway recorded a total net income of C$1.011 billion, according to documents on CN’s website. A good portion of that net income

Going paperless: Pandemic makes digital a new reality

The COVID-19 pandemic response is driving farms and companies to paperless transactions

The COVID-19 crisis is forcing changes to how business is done in Canadian agriculture, driving a long-delayed move to digital business transactions. Deliveries from or visits to a supplier often doubled as social interactions in farm country, but that face-to-face culture is being supplanted by digital bits. Why it matters: Paper transactions and payments move

Volatility is more of a mathematical definition of how much a market will likely move in the future based on past fluctuations.

Volatile times need a market strategy

Think of these tools as an insurance policy where you pay a fee to avoid risks

Given what’s happened in the markets in the past couple of months, it’s a good time to revisit risk: how to think about it, how to manage it and its practical impact on marketing and hedging. As the coronavirus was unleashing its effects on the markets, I was also reading an interesting book called An

Comment: We have to start somewhere

Another huge farm bailout is needed due to COVID-19

Before we take the next unsteady step into a very different future, let’s make sure it’s not a step off the plank. How? We can start with disciplined decision-making: Use proven facts, lean on practical experience, and focus on what is safe and smart. That latter part is especially important because if you farm or

Delta 9 gets green light for automated cannabis packing line

Other expansions to the grow facility postponed in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic

Cannabis company Delta 9 has government clearance to begin using its on-site, automated packing and processing facility. “This approval will allow us to streamline and automate our packaging and labelling activities and improve our ability to bring consumer-packaged cannabis products to market,” said Delta 9 CEO John Arbuthnot in a news release on April 13.

Canadian, Manitoba farmland values higher in 2019

The yearly growth has slowed in recent seasons and that trend is expected to continue

Average Manitoba farmland values rose four per cent in 2019, just slightly higher than the 3.7 per cent increase recorded in 2018, Farm Credit Canada (FCC) says in its 2019 Farmland Values report released April 6. The biggest increase — 8.9 per cent — was in the Eastman region followed by 4.7 per cent in

A local nursery association is arguing that garden markets should be considered “essential” too as their services offer food to the public as well.

COVID-19 prunes garden centre operations

For now Manitoba’s garden centres are closed to the public when normally their business would be ramping up

Manitoba’s nearly 100 garden centres are closed to the public to slow the spread of COVID-19, leaving people wondering how they’re going to get tomatoes and other transplantable vegetables, flowers, trees and shrubs this spring. There likely will be ways, but as of press time, garden centres weren’t an option unless customers ordered online or