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Flooding along the Rat River near La Rochelle in southeastern Manitoba.

Red River crests in lower predicted range

Water levels were dropping as of April 22, and PTH 75 remained open

Water levels are dropping along the Red River, but the river is expected to be outside its banks into May, according to provincial reports. As of April 22, the Red River had crested at all points from Emerson to the floodway and was expected to crest shortly in Winnipeg. “This is good news,” said Infrastructure

USGS personnel measure flood overflow at a bridge on the Red River near Thompson, North Dakota on April 6 during the flood of 2006.

Province says flood outlook remains weather dependent

FLOOD: Forecasters expect high water levels similar to last spring, barring major weather events

With rivers near Fargo and Grand Forks at flood stage, a significant inflow of water is expected in Manitoba soon, the province announced March 31. “Our outlook remains similar to the first outlook we released in late February and our focus continues to be on the Red River this spring,” said minister of infrastructure Ron

Ongoing flooding issues, such as this during the spring of 2011, have made an outlet channel a necessity.

Land deals proceeding despite Lake St. Martin outlet channel pause

The Lake St. Martin outlet channels have hit delays, but the province says it will be business as usual for expropriation deals

The Lake St. Martin outlet channel project may have hit hurdles, but the province says expropriation proceedings north of Lake Manitoba are going ahead as normal. The project, which promises two channels between Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin, and then on from Lake St. Martin to Lake Winnipeg, has been a longtime promise of

Riverbank Discovery Centre in Brandon.

Brandon’s Riverbank Discovery Centre redevelopment continues

Work to repair flood damage of 2011 and 2014 is long term but well underway

Brandon’s Riverbank Development Inc. is continuing its recovery efforts following the devastating floods of 2011 and 2014. The redevelopment is long term but is well underway, in conjunction with the Assiniboine River Corridor Master Plan. There are numerous recovery undertakings, with the Riverbank Discovery Centre as the “North Hub” of the plan. The Corridor Master

‘Hoop and Holler’ floods farmland

‘Hoop and Holler’ floods farmland

Our History: May 2011

The front page of our May 19, 2011 issue reminds of how different springs can be in Manitoba. It featured an aerial photo of the controlled release on the Hoop and Holler bend on the Assiniboine River near Portage la Prairie. The water was released onto neighbouring farmland to reduce pressure on riverbank properties farther

The Manitoba government is expected to open the Portage Diversion this spring to control flows on the Assiniboine River.

Manitoba March flood outlook

Red River Valley prepares as flooding expected to reach 2009 levels, closing ring dikes and PTH 75: Schuler

The province’s Hydrologic Forecast Centre (HFC) forecasts a flood in the Red River Valley at or marginally above 2009 levels with normal to unfavorable weather, Infrastructure Minister Ron Schuler said today. There also remains a moderate risk of flooding along the Assiniboine River. “Manitoba Infrastructure continues to make preparations for high water and is working

Souris River study team seeks public input

Water engineers need to hear adjacent landowners’ particulars on how the river’s flows affect them

A team of researchers is seeking input from landowners along the Souris River about the condition of the Souris River and how its flows are affecting them. The responses will help the International Souris River Study Board, which has posted an online questionnaire, as it reviews the operating rules and eventually makes recommendations that best

DIVIDED OVER WATER: Outlet channels spark controversy

DIVIDED OVER WATER: Outlet channels spark controversy

Farmers on the south end of Lake Manitoba support the proposed channels to save their land from flooding, but the projects will slice through the farms of dozens of north-shore farmers who worry they won’t be adequately compensated

A recent $540-million funding pledge is pushing forward the Lake Manitoba and Lake St. Martin outlet channels and reaction from farmers depends on where they are along the shoreline. For those whose anxieties rise with the water levels every time the Assiniboine River floods, the new momentum is welcome news. Farmers along Lake Manitoba’s south

One grain on eroded land

No such thing as ‘unprecedented’ weather, delegates at ARBI conference told

Delegates with the Assiniboine River Basin Initiative (ARBI) met in Regina February 14 and 15

If 1930s seems like the worst drought we could ever have, scientific records show pre-settlement dry spells lasted far longer. Likewise, there were wet spells on the Prairies much more intense than events like 2011’s — a flood we tended to call “unprecedented.” Neither are unprecedented, say Saskatchewan scientists. Both extremes have occurred before on