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How about a game of pickleball?

It’s easy to learn and can either be played fast and competitive or slower and recreational

With Canada’s 150th birthday coming soon, ParticipACTION is once again urging Canadians to make physical activity a vital part of everyday life. “Sit less and move more” is a motto we could all adopt. One way of doing that is to take up a new sport, and in our town there’s a new game — pickleball. […] Read more

Project brings communities together

The group planned to make a quilt for each of two refugee families now in Portage la Prairie

Arabic music played in the background as a group of 10 leaned over sewing machines and cutting-and-piecing tables in the upper room of the MacGregor United Church. Outside it was a lovely spring day, but inside seven women and three teenaged girls were hard at work on a quilting project that had brought together several […] Read more

Long-distance flyers

Many migrating birds travel an astonishing number of kilometres and some even make the trip non-stop

It’s migration time, not just for “Canadian snowbirds” returning from a winter in the southern U.S. or Mexico, but for actual birds returning north for the nesting season. April and May are prime months for migrating birds to reach Manitoba, although a few early species may appear in March, and late ones in June. Horned […] Read more

Get ready for Canada’s 150th anniversary

Celebrate by visiting a Parks Canada National Historic Site

How you will celebrate Canada’s 150th? Why not check out some of our nation’s historic sites? As of 2016, there were 976 National Historic Sites in Canada, with 171 of them being administered by Parks Canada. One such site is the Riding Mountain National Park (RMNP) East Gate Registration Complex at the east entrance to […] Read more

Annual hockey game becoming a tradition

The rivalry continues for its fifth year between a female team from MacGregor and Baker Hutterite Colony

The town of MacGregor is becoming known for its celebrations during Louis Riel weekend. A variety of activities takes place, including a pancake breakfast, a bannock bake, and several sports: two-person curling; minor hockey and senior hockey; cross-country skiing, with equipment available; and, this year, a short demonstration by the Carberry Syncro Skating Team. One […] Read more

Bittersweet Trails — a labour of love

Located near Rossendale, Man. they were originally developed in the ’70s and are now tended by dedicated volunteers

The Bittersweet Cross-Country Trails near Rossendale, Manitoba have been a labour of love for two families: the Woodwards and the McMasters. Situated in the Assiniboine River valley, about 50 km SW of Portage la Prairie on Highway 242 between Highways 1 and 2, these trails were originally the inspiration of Margaret and Hartley Woodward. The […] Read more

February is ‘I Love to Read Month’

The idea of dedicating a whole month to reading is gaining popularity across North America

In many parts of Canada and the United States, February means “I Love to Read Month,” an entire month dedicated to promoting a love of reading and being read to. This idea, started many years ago, has been gaining popularity among schools and libraries throughout North America. Parents, too, have adopted the idea of a […] Read more

Get ready for winter bird feeding

Different types of feeders and what you put in them will attract different species

It’s that time of year again — time to get out the bird feeders, mix up a batch of suet and seeds, and prepare to spend some time watching the hardy winter birds enjoying a feast in your backyard. We may not look forward to the cold weather and snow, but there are some perks […] Read more

Steep Rock — well worth a visit

Located along Lake Manitoba, the cliffs are possibly one 
of the most photographed locations in the province

If you’re looking for a different Manitoba spot to explore this year, consider Steep Rock, located in the Interlake, along Lake Manitoba. My husband and I visited there this summer and found it interesting and well worth a day or two in the area. Steep Rock, located in the municipality of Grahamdale, is best known […] Read more

Former Delta Marsh Field Station

The area is one of many still dealing with the aftermath of floods

It’s the fifth anniversary since the 2011 flood along Lake Manitoba, and two years since the 2014 flood. The high water may be gone but the effects linger on and will continue to do so for many years. Cottagers and homeowners whose property was destroyed or damaged are affected, and many are still at work […] Read more