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Visit the site of old Fort Ellice

A good destination for birdwatchers and those interested in history

For history buffs and keen birders, an interesting spot to visit is the site of old Fort Ellice, southwest of St. Lazare, Manitoba. This area is also part of the Ellice-Archie and Spy Hill Community Pasture, formerly PFRA (Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration), that straddles the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border. It was recently included as part of Manitoba’s […] Read more

The Great Trail: hike, bike or paddle it

Previously known as the Trans Canada Trail it is more than 24,000 km long

Have you explored any of “the Great Trail?” Known as the Trans Canada Trail (TCT) until a name change in 2016, it is more than 24,000 km long, and seeks to connect the east, west and north coasts of Canada. A not-for-profit organization, the Trans Canada Trail was created in 1992 as part of Canada’s […] Read more

Building birdhouses — a good indoor winter activity

Looking for a project while waiting for warmer weather? Why not try this?

If you’re interested in birds or the outdoors, but not keen on cold-weather activities, why not spend some time inside planning and building birdhouses? Most are not too difficult to make, but they do require some preparation. First, decide what type of bird you plan to build for, as different species have different requirements and/or […] Read more

Remembering the school inspector

Twice-a-year visits to the one-room school made for an eventful time

If questioned about a “school inspector,” today’s students might assume that a health and safety inspection was the topic. But in the days of the one-room rural school, a visit by the school inspector was viewed as an important event. As a student in the 1950s and ’60s — before the amalgamation of most rural […] Read more

Winter weather doesn’t stop birders

This is one of the best times to watch for birds and the lack of foliage makes it easier to spot them

Winter’s arrival doesn’t put a stop to birding in Manitoba, as this can actually be one of the best times for birdwatching. The variety of birds is, of course, much less, but that makes it easier to identify them. Birds may also be easier to see against the snow than hidden in grass or foliage, […] Read more

Celebrating the pumpkin

Whether as a fall decoration, pie ingredient or jack-o’-lantern, now is the time to use this sign of autumn

It’s pumpkin time again! Whether you think of pumpkins as primarily something to use as a decoration or as a common pie ingredient, or whether you think of them mainly to create jack-o’-lanterns to use at Halloween — it’s that time again. Classed as a fruit, the pumpkin is indigenous to the Western Hemisphere and […] Read more

Plan an autumn visit to the Uno Trestle Bridge

The trestle is impressive and it has an interesting history

For an interesting spot to visit this fall, take a drive to the Uno Trestle Bridge in western Manitoba. The trestle is a very impressive sight, the scenery well worth the trip and, for history buffs, the 1915 disaster at this site is of further interest. The present-day Uno bridge is 1,533 feet long, a […] Read more

Author Margaret Laurence commemorated in Neepawa

Plaque was unveiled which stands in front of the house in which she once lived

August 10 was a big day for the literary community of Neepawa, Manitoba. On that day, the community held the Manawaka Festival, billed as “a celebration of stories” and, in particular, a celebration of esteemed author, Margaret Laurence, who grew up in Neepawa, and used the town as her basis for stories set in the […] Read more

Friends of Spruce Woods still going strong

Volunteer organization has been around for more than 30 years

Friends of Spruce Woods (FOSWP) is a volunteer, non-profit organization that has been in operation for over 30 years. Founded in June 1986, the group’s chief mandate is to provide assistance to the hired employees of Spruce Woods Provincial Park in its operations. Its particular interest is conserving the flora and fauna for the public’s […] Read more