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Where to celebrate Louis Riel Day

With a variety of activities to choose from there’s sure to be something to interest you on this long weekend

Do you have plans for the Louis Riel Day long weekend? Are you getting a little tired of winter? Why not use the holiday to do something different, choosing from the many activities happening. A February holiday was originally started in Alberta in 1990 to celebrate the family life of the early pioneers and to […] Read more

A real-life superhero in action

In and out of hospital as a child, Jamie McDonald now gives back to children’s charities

Jamie McDonald, a.k.a. “Adventureman,” made stops in rural Manitoba on his second passage through the province, and just like on his first trip to Canada, he is raising funds for children’s charities. But this time he is driving across the country, not running, and giving motivational presentations and selling his book, Adventureman: Anyone Can Be […] Read more

Get ready for the Christmas Bird Count

This annual event has become a holiday tradition for birders

It’s almost that time of year again — for religious observances, holiday celebrations and family get-togethers. But for birders, it’s also time for the annual Christmas bird counts, a tradition that has been carried out since the first one was held on Christmas Day in 1900. Prior to that, it had been a custom to […] Read more

Take a hike up the ‘Turtle’s Back’

Be sure to take binoculars and a camera. You’ll be glad you did as you enjoy the views from the tower

With the arrival of autumn, it’s time to try some of those hikes you might have put off during the heat of summer. One interesting hike, which my husband and I recently took, is the one in William Lake Provincial Park that takes you to the top of the “Turtle’s Back.” This small park is […] Read more

Celebrate Canada’s past — visit Star Mound School

Located in south-central Manitoba the school is one of the oldest remaining of its kind

Recently, my husband and I visited Star Mound School in the south-central part of Manitoba, which now operates as a museum. It is located northwest from the village of Snowflake (GPS co-ordinates N49.05975 and W98.72491). Also called Nebogwawin Butte and Merry Dance Hill, Star Mound is thought to be a glacial moraine from the time […] Read more

History of Pilot Mound’s ‘Old Mound’

The hill from which the town gets its name is actually two km away

Recently, my husband and I drove to the south-central part of Manitoba to explore the mound near the town of Pilot Mound, in the municipality of Louise. This hill, from which the town takes its name, is actually about two kilometres away from the town’s present site. It is historically significant to the region and […] Read more

How about a game of pickleball?

It’s easy to learn and can either be played fast and competitive or slower and recreational

With Canada’s 150th birthday coming soon, ParticipACTION is once again urging Canadians to make physical activity a vital part of everyday life. “Sit less and move more” is a motto we could all adopt. One way of doing that is to take up a new sport, and in our town there’s a new game — pickleball. […] Read more

Project brings communities together

The group planned to make a quilt for each of two refugee families now in Portage la Prairie

Arabic music played in the background as a group of 10 leaned over sewing machines and cutting-and-piecing tables in the upper room of the MacGregor United Church. Outside it was a lovely spring day, but inside seven women and three teenaged girls were hard at work on a quilting project that had brought together several […] Read more

Long-distance flyers

Many migrating birds travel an astonishing number of kilometres and some even make the trip non-stop

It’s migration time, not just for “Canadian snowbirds” returning from a winter in the southern U.S. or Mexico, but for actual birds returning north for the nesting season. April and May are prime months for migrating birds to reach Manitoba, although a few early species may appear in March, and late ones in June. Horned […] Read more