OUR HISTORY: July 4, 1957

Our July 4, 1957 issue reported on an expected record wheat carry-over of 640 million bushels (17.4 million tonnes), which compares with only six million tonnes expected this year.

At the annual meeting of the Agricultural Institute of Canada, a Vancouver doctor “laid down the gauntlet” in an address encouraging members to do more to improve the welfare of farmers. “If so much emphasis is being placed on soil resources to the utter exclusion of human resources, agriculture has lost its sense of values,” said Dr. Lawrence E. Ranta. “It’s time we recognized that the producer and his wife and his children are more important than the products that they produce.

“The farmer, the farm labourer, their families and the rural dweller in general do not share equally with the urban dweller in the real socio-medical advances of the 20th century,” he said.

In other news, Grandview farmer Herb Schulz had hired Winnipeg lawyer Sidney Green in an attempt to set aside all resolutions of the annual meeting of the Manitoba Federation of Agriculture and Co-operation the previous month. The meeting had featured a highly contentious dispute over delegate credentials, and led to Mr. Schulz being fired from the MFAC board



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