Agreement Reached To Increase Manitoba Farm Exports To China

An agreement between CentrePort Canada, the country’s two major railways and a number of Chinese companies should lead to increased exports of agricultural products from Manitoba to inland China, according to a release from Manitoba’s CentrePort.

The agreement between CentrePort, CN Worldwide, Canadian Pacific Logistics S o l u t i o n s , Mi n s h e n g International Freight Co., and Shanghai Invent Logistics &Technology Co., originally announced on May 10, calls for the development of a new containerization and transportation project in Manitoba that would lead to exports of locally grown agricultural commodities, such as soybeans, peas, and canola meal.

Diane Gray, president and CEO of CentrePort Canada described the agreement as “a significant step forward” in increasing trade with China. “Manitoba agricultural products are in demand and this partnership will allow us to co-ordinate the export of these products from local producer to international marketplace. This project will also help us maximize the use of the tremendous rail assets that exist in Winnipeg.”

The agreement aims to strengthen the economic ties between the Chinese and Canadian interiors “so we can realize the seamless connection of the two markets,” said Jack Sheng, president of Shanghai Invent Logistic &Technology Co. in the release.

“China’s demand for agricultural products and other resources continues to surpass expectations. With integrated delivery solutions, the sourcing of Canadian products destined to Yangtze River interior markets positions all partners in the supply chain for success,” said Sean Goff, the Shanghaifibased general manager, Asia, for CN Worldwide in the release.

CentrePort Canada is the country’s first trifimodal inland port, offering access to export logistics and transportation by rail, road and air. The 20,000- acre inland port is located next to the James Richardson International Airport in Winnipeg and is also designated as Canada’s first Foreign Trade Zone, or FTZ.

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