Latest sheep and goat sale a ‘silent auction’

Few animals and few buyers in physical attendance made for a quiet sale again Jan. 24

Sale results from Winnipeg Livestock auction on Jan. 24, 2018.

The local sheep and goat market is keeping quiet and watching the action to the east very closely.

Just 80 animals were delivered to Winnipeg Livestock Auction for the Jan. 24 sale that saw few buyers physically present, but ‘invisible’ buyers were said to remain interested.

There was good interest in the ewes. Most appeared to be purchased for herd building and establishment purposes. Quality animals appeared to keep bidding up to levels seen earlier in the winter.

A 190-pound Suffolk-cross ram brought $201.40 ($1.06/lb.).

A 125-pound Suffolk-cross lamb represented the heavyweight class. This lamb was high spirited and the ringmaster had to really watch this mischievous character. This lamb brought $256.25 ($2.05/lb.).

A 100-pound Rideau-cross lamb brought $174 ($1.74/lb.).

The feeder lambs were represented by a group of seven 81-pound Cheviot-cross lambs, bringing $160.38 ($1.98/lb.). An 80-pound Suffolk-cross lamb brought $145.60 ($1.82/lb.).

There was no visible differences between the 70-pound and the 79-pound lambs, yet something triggered a wide range in bidding. Prices varied from a low of $140/lb. to a high of $2.11/lb.

A 65-pound Cheviot-cross lamb brought $2.12/lb.

The only animals in the goat sale were in the goat kid class (under 80 lbs.). These animals were stocky (Pygmy structure), with short legs. The various weights presented were typical of their breeds: La Mancha-cross, Alpine-cross and Boer-cross.

The Ontario Stockyard Report has shown that there is a decreasing price bidding on the new-crop lambs which are becoming more comparable to similar-weight old-crop lambs. The lamb and the sheep markets are showing a ‘slow motion’ effect, waiting for the spring lambs.

Sale results from Winnipeg Livestock auction on Jan. 24, 2018. photo: File

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