Goat numbers surge at Aug. 2 auction

There was good interest for animals ahead of an Islamic holiday

Goat numbers surge at Aug. 2 auction

The supply of about 500 sheep and goats for the Aug. 2, 2017 sale at Winnipeg Livestock Auction was an excellent presentation of the possible animals available for those preparing for the Islamic celebration. There was a variety of the various animal weights available so buyers could purchase for the wide range required.

There was a good selection of the wool ewes which dominated this sale. Only two Katahdin (hair) ewes were delivered. The average price ranged from $0.82 to $1.01 per pound. However, the sheared ewes clearly showed their frame, allowing the buyers to make stronger bids. These ewes brought a price range from $1.14 to $1.16 per pound. The extreme woolly ewes brought $0.83 per pound.

The 190-pound Suffolk-cross ram brought $1.02 per pound. The 160-pound Dorper-cross ram brought $0.82 per pound. This situation indicates that the buyers showed preference and not on the condition of the rams. Both rams had standard appearances for this sale.

The heavyweight classification of lambs was represented by eight 114-pound Suffolk-cross lambs. The lambs brought $1.88 per pound.

The market lambs had similar bidding to past sales. The average price ranged from $1.97 to $2 per pound, for average lamb weight of 85 to 102 pounds. An exception was a 90-pound Rideau-cross lamb which brought $1.10 per pound.

The feeder lambs had a price range from $1.92 to $2.01 per pound.

The demand remained as strong for the lightweight lambs as for the feeder lambs. The buyers were purchasing for the celebration. The wool lambs dominated this classification. The 70-pound lambs brought $1.91 per pound.

The 63-pound lambs brought $2.11 per pound and the 88-pound lambs brought $1.95 per pound.

The 50-plus-pound lambs brought a price range from $1.85 to $2 per pound.

The 24 45-pound Dorper-cross lambs brought $1.96 per pound. The three 46-pound Dorper-cross lambs brought $2.01 per pound.

Seven 32-pound Dorper-cross lambs brought $1.97 per pound.

A 25-pound Dorper-cross lamb brought $1.35 per pound. This lightweight lamb would require a lot of attention and proper care.


Buyers may have felt overwhelmed by the number and variety of goats at this sale. It was impressive to see the much-required assortment. This allowed the various buyers to do a true selection for their demand. It was also possible to purchase for increasing or improving a herd. The extremely small goats were not viewed as a requirement, but requiring more attention and care — possibly even bottle feeding for some weeks or months.

The dairy classification of the goat does was represented mainly by the Alpine-cross breed. However, there were a few La Mancha-cross goat does in this sale. The buyers showed interest in the various dairy goat does for future purposes.

The dairy goat bucks carried the interest of the buyers. However, all goat bucks were in demand. Quality was shown in most groups of goats. There was a Nubian-cross goat buck that showed some behaviour problems with a slight difference of opinion between this buck and the ringmaster. Some quick bidding and the solution was solved.

Goat kids have always been at very high demand for all sales. This sale was well supplied and the buyers had the opportunity to reach their requirements. The very lightweight goat kids were not of high interest at this sale. The dairy goat kids were in most cases, well developed and equally comparable to the meat goat kids. Choice was available from the producers who delivered.

The Ontario Livestock Report had the goats being sold just at a regular pace. All sheep and lambs reached a constant price, with some slightly higher. There did not seem to be any major surprises or excitement.

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