Managing soil health from the ground up

Soil scientist Stephen Crittenden with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada offered a presentation earlier this year on soil health. As producers are likely to face more and new extremes that challenge their crops, identifying management practices that complement the soil and water in their respective growing regions will be essential. It’s a better understanding that has

The wild side of pest control

You may not always see beneficial insects in your field, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t providing you with an important pest control service. Dr. Alejandro Costamagna, associate professor of entomology at the University of Manitoba, spoke earlier this year about how all insects are not created equal and how some insects are a very

Making cover crops work in Manitoba

Are cover crops something you’re interested in but aren’t quite sure where to begin? Earlier this year, Yvonne Lawley with the University of Manitoba aimed to answer that question for producers in a presentation that looked at the types of cover crops that grow well in Manitoba, how setting a goal can improve the success

Is your winter wheat off to a good start?

Manitoba Co-operator editor Gord Gilmour speaks with agronomist Ken Gross of Ducks Unlimited Canada about winter wheat crops in Manitoba and what he looks for when assessing plants to determine if they’re off to a healthy start.

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VIDEO: Bibeau announces grain code of practices

The grain industry is thus far applauding the move to document production practices

Canadian grain farmers will soon have a “first-ever” grain production code of practices, following an announcement by the federal agriculture minister at Crop Connect 2020 in Winnipeg. Marie-Claude Bibeau said the federal government will be providing $800,000 in funding for the program, intended to document the practices for trading partners and consumers. It will demonstrate Watch the video arrow

PHOTOS: Celebrate Canada’s Agriculture Day with farm photos

A way to share the joys and challenges of farm life with other Canadians

February 11 is Canada’s Agriculture Day, intended to showcase all the amazing things happening in our industry. It’s a time to create a closer connection between consumers, our food and the people who produce it. Sharing what you love about Canadian agriculture can be as simple as posting a photo. For me, a social media View the photo gallery arrow


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Recent Articles

Manitoba a difficult place to sell solar power

Solar energy remains a largely untapped resource in southwestern Manitoba, and few incentives exist to boost public interest, says one contractor. Manitoba has become a “very difficult place to sell and install solar,” Daniel Lacovetsky said during Manitoba Sustainable Energy Association’s (ManSEA) virtual conference on March 23. Lacovetsky and business partner Jacob Kettner own Powertec

Rural childcare may need public management to succeed

The Manitoba government has taken several runs at improving child care in the province, but fragmented and stymied approaches have thus far left many families in the lurch. If rural families feel particularly pinched, they’re probably right. University of Manitoba researcher Susan Prentice said in rural and northern Manitoba, there is one childcare spot for

High voltage: Electric tractors on the horizon

Glacier FarmMedia – Last October, AGCO’s Fendt brand announced that its engineers were still working on the e100 concept electric tractor it debuted in 2017. It’s apparently a promising design making measurable progress toward possible future commercialization. “The current development status of the Fendt e100 Vario compact tractor is encouraging and promises high efficiency with

Losing the war with wild boar

It’s time to up our efforts in the battle against wild pigs, according to a leading voice in the field. Ryan Brook of the University of Saskatchewan has spent years studying the rise of the invasive species in Western Canada, and has also spent years raising the alarm. He has watched as sounders — the

Matryoshka! Matryoshka!

May I see that toy?” I requested, pointing to a painted wooden doll in the glass case behind the cash register. “Of course,” Tina Alvetina, the clerk smiled, unlocking and sliding open the door. “It’s a matryoshka,” she added, lifting out the nesting dolls. “Can you repeat that please?” I asked. “Matryoshka. It’s Russian, I believe. I’m originally from the

Ruthlessly cutting waste can allow small farms to prosper

Ruthless cutting of waste in all its forms has long allowed farmers — from 1600s Japan to reconstruction-era Alabama — to make a living on tiny plots of land. It’s how today’s small-scale farmers can do the same, says farmer and author Ben Hartman. “Turning waste into useful channels should be the slogan of every

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