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New Seed Treatment For Pulse And Soybeans

Bayer CropScience has released Trilex AL, a seed treatment that gives pulse and soybean growers a powerful ally in the fight against early-season seed and seedling disease, the company says in a release.

Registered for use on beans, chickpeas, lentils, peas and soybeans, the water-based liquid formulation of Trilex AL provides unmatched seed and seedling protection from diseases caused by rhizoctonia solani, fusarium spp., botrytis cinerea, phomopsis longicolla and seed-borne ascochyta spp.

“A seed treatment like Trilex AL provides growers with a way to manage risk by protecting their crops against serious diseases,” says Graham Hastie, manager of Cereal Crops Fungicides/Insecticides & Seed Treatments.

Trial results show Trilex AL outperformed the major pulse seed treatment competitors and performed way ahead of untreated checks for control of rhizoctonia or fusarium in pulses and botrytis in lentils.

Growers who use inoculants for pulse and soybean crops as a standard practice to maximize plant performance and crop yield will find Trilex AL very compatible.

“Inoculant companies have done extensive testing with Trilex AL and found it to have one of the highest compatibilities between fungicidal seed treatments and rhizobiumbased inoculants which means plants are able to get maximum nodulation,” Hastie says.

Trilex AL is designed for commercial or on-farm treating with conventional seed-treating equipment and is available from participating retailers across Western Canada.



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