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New Herbicide With Same Active Ingredient As Pursuit

Makhteshim Agan of North America, Inc. (MANA), has received registration of Phantom herbicide for control of tough weeds in field pea, dry bean, alfalfa and soybean. With the same active ingredient as Pursuit, Phantom provides pulse growers with widespread choice.

Phantom works on tough-to- control weeds like chickweed, cleavers, green foxtail, hemp-nettle and smartweed. Phantom is applied early, up to the four-leaf stage for most weeds, to eliminate weed competition early. And with soil activity, Phantom carries on protecting the crop from a second flush of shallow-germinating broadleaf weeds that may emerge shortly following application.

Phantom is a Group 2 herbicide that contains the ALS inhibitor imazethapyr as its active ingredient. Group 2 herbicides are well suited to broadleaf crops. Rotating to a Group 2 herbicide in pulses saves Group 1 grassy weed herbicides for cereal crops.

Phantom herbicide will be available in 2011.

New cost tool

FNA-STAG has released an application that allows farmers to see production cost differentials for the major Prairie crops in Western Canada according to publicly available sources of information. The tool is hosted at www.fnastrategi

Users can click on a map location and see all the available information, from fertilizer to land values.

The project was led by University of Manitoba agricultural economist Jared Carlberg and funded in part by Agriculture and Agri- Food Canada.



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