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Watoto Children’s Choir presents concert in Rossburn

Group shares passion for music and message of hope for the future

Choir members were billeted in Rossburn as part of hosting the touring group.

The smiles, exuberance, and the heartfelt message, was an extraordinary experience presented by the Watoto Children’s Choir in Rossburn last month.

The choir consisted of 17 youth and three adult singers/message presenters, and three band members.

Up against some major events including the Brier, audience numbers were relatively low, but that didn’t bother the choir’s goals of sharing their love for music and message of hope.

“The first time we hosted this magnificent choir, it was a full house,” said organizer Debbie Kowal. “I feel this time around, perhaps being on a Friday versus mid-week, and because of events such as the Brier, and Canada’s Largest Sleigh Derby on Saturday, may have been factors in drawing an audience of similar size this time around.”

Watoto Children’s Choirs have travelled extensively since 1994, sharing a message of hope for Africa’s most vulnerable children and women. The Watoto Model is designed to provide holistic care and to impact communities in the process, involving physical and spiritual care, medical intervention including HIV/AIDS treatment, education — formal and vocational, counselling and emotional well-being.

The choir serves many purposes. It raises awareness about the work of Watoto globally, and is leadership training for the children, providing a strong sense of responsibility while experiencing different cultures. It’s also a way to share their faith with people around the world and talk about the work being done in Africa.

Three words — Rescue, Raise, Rebuild — easily describe what Watoto is doing as the work continues in building relationships and providing care.

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