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Jim and Margaret Templeton gave two young lads a few pleasant days of gainful employment in their teens.

Neighbourhood labour: ready cash, plus work lessons as the bonus

There were good, not-so-good and great employers in the rural district of my youth

Hey, a shiny modern tractor to drive. A new voice to give me orders, instead of Dad’s. A different lunch table come noontime. And ready cash at the end of the workday. Why wouldn’t I go and help the neighbours? Life’s lessons are often learned slowly, and occasionally they have to be learned over and

The author, centre, with his parents, in front of the white picket fence built with reclaimed boards from the razed house. photos: submitted

Old house razing entertains, educates Basswood brothers

For these four lads it was a chance to wreck something for praise, not retribution

The Mennonite brethren may be known for their barn raising, but in the summer of 1975, four Manitoba brothers gained notoriety for an old farmhouse razing. The farmhouse, along the main entrance to Basswood, and just off the Yellowhead Hwy., was a perfect spot for villagers to witness the destruction. In fact, we could have

Garry Workman (right) with Paul Brennan at the Strathclair Old Iron Club’s threshing day.

‘Walking tour’ preserves the Solsgirth of bygone days

As the village’s eldest resident, Garry Workman made himself its biographer

“Straw hats and old dirty hankies, Mopping a face like a shoe, Thanks for the meal here’s a song that is real, From a kid from the city to you.” These words serve as the verse to Murray McLauchlan’s, “The Farmers Song.” Released in 1972, the song is a snapshot of the changing place of

From left, Liz Finch, Floyd McTavish, and Morley Butler, RM of Prairie View deputy reeve.

Foxwarren citizen embodies community service

Floyd McTavish is the RM of Prairie View’s Volunteer Citizen of the Year

Floyd McTavish, like many volunteers, is part of the glue that holds his community together. “Volunteers are a treasure; Floyd’s quiet commitment to service has indeed made our community richer, in ways that words cannot possibly describe,” said Liz Finch, a Foxwarren resident. Finch nominated McTavish for Prairie View municipality’s 2020 Volunteer Citizen of the

Ed Brown speaks, sings western lore.

Manitoba’s cowboy poet

Ed Brown of Oak Lake is an award-winning storyteller known throughout North America

Cowboy poet Ed Brown draws on his diverse experience as a rodeo cowboy, trapper and artist to paint scenes of western life through poetry and song. “My performances are an expression of a lifelong love,” said Brown. “It’s a way of life that stubbornly hangs on in the face of drastic global changes.” Brown, 73,

Comment: ‘Behold the fowls of the air… ’

Comment: ‘Behold the fowls of the air… ’

We can plan all we want but luck will weigh in too

My father wasn’t a stoic. Instead, his temperament was one of acceptance. He simply accepted the fact that he wasn’t in complete control of most things on the farm. Sure, he was boss over everything in sight: hundreds of acres, 100 dairy cows, five farmhand sons, three hired men, and his unpredictable, iron-bending Uncle Honey.

Theatre board chair Sharon Currie speaks to the roughly 40 people at the ribbon cutting on Dec. 20.

Pilot Mound celebrates opening of new community theatre

It's Lights! Camera! Action! as Tivoli Community Theatre pulls back the curtain

Roll film! Pilot Mound’s brand new Tivoli Theatre is open—after what can only be described as a fundraising marathon. “It’s just amazing. It is kind of a little surreal that it’s here now,” said Gisele Harding, a theatre board member. “Kids will have a place to come.” On Dec. 20, board members cut the ribbon

Mexican false heather (Cuphea hissopifolia) is covered with flowers.

Cuphea has been hybridized to be used outdoors

Once grown only as houseplants there are now more vigorous varieties that do well outside

As plant hybridizers are creating new varieties, more and more plants that were once grown solely as houseplants are making their way outdoors. One such plant family is the Cuphea genus. There are over 100 varieties of Cuphea, including a couple of species varieties that are useful outdoors as well as some hybrid varieties perfectly

View from Fort Ellice site.

Visit the site of old Fort Ellice

A good destination for birdwatchers and those interested in history

For history buffs and keen birders, an interesting spot to visit is the site of old Fort Ellice, southwest of St. Lazare, Manitoba. This area is also part of the Ellice-Archie and Spy Hill Community Pasture, formerly PFRA (Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration), that straddles the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border. It was recently included as part of Manitoba’s

Choir members were billeted in Rossburn as part of hosting the touring group.

Watoto Children’s Choir presents concert in Rossburn

Group shares passion for music and message of hope for the future

The smiles, exuberance, and the heartfelt message, was an extraordinary experience presented by the Watoto Children’s Choir in Rossburn last month. The choir consisted of 17 youth and three adult singers/message presenters, and three band members. Up against some major events including the Brier, audience numbers were relatively low, but that didn’t bother the choir’s