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Prevent Hand Tool Injuries


Ask any do-it-yourselfer and they will tell you there is nothing quite like the satisfaction of seeing a home improvement project through from start to finish. What many will tell you is that a slip of the hand, an unsteady load or an uneven surface can result in a great deal of pain and suffering when dealing with powered hand tools.

The Canadian Standards Association (CSA) has some tips for the safer usage of hand tools:

Use the right tool for the job.

Ensure that your tools are certified by CSA or another agency.

Ensure your tools are in good working order.

Read the instruction manual and ensure you know how to properly use your tools.

Be aware of flying debris.

If in doubt, check it out. Be aware of hazards and other people in your working environment.

When a tool begins to show signs of wear, repair or replace.

Never carry a tool by the cord or hose.

Never yank the cord or the hose to disconnect it from the receptacle.

Keep cords and hoses away from heat, oil and sharp edges.

Disconnect tools when not in use, before servicing, and when changing accessories such as blades, bits and cutters to prevent accidental startup.

Secure work with clamps or a vise, freeing both hands to operate the tool.

Avoid accidental starting – do not hold a finger on the switch button while carrying a plugged-in tool.

Be sure to keep good footing and maintain good balance.

The proper apparel should be worn (loose clothing can become caught in moving parts).



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