Polled Angus cow ‘Erinna’ graces the cover of Nor-West Farmer

Our History: April 1887

Erinna, a polled Angus cow imported by H.M. Cochrane of Compton, Quebec graced the cover of the April 1887 issue of The Nor-West Farmer and Manitoba Miller. The issue has much discussion of the merits of various breeds, including the Shorthorn, Hereford, “Holstein-Freizian,” “Red Polled,” Galloway, Devon and Aberdeen Angus.

On raising hogs, it was recommended that it was a good plan to feed them wood ashes once a week with salt. “The more charcoal the ashes contain, the better. In coal-burning sections give them the coal ashes with cinders, and they will relish it very much, and they take much delight in munching small lumps of coal.”

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One article strongly recommended farmers consider raising poultry, as there was opportunity to sell eggs and meat to the U.S., which was short of supplies and importing them from Europe.

“Farmers as a rule take little stock in poultry. This ought not to be. There is no animal on the farm that will pay so well as the hen when she gets fair play.”

Another article discussed treatment of milk fever.

“In the early stages, if the pulse is not very weak, and heart fluttering and especially if there is slow and deep breathing, bleeding at the jugular should at once be attempted; when the pulse becomes full the bleeding should be stopped.”

Other suggestions included a purge of sulphate of magnesia and ginger, and rubbing the spine with a stimulating liniment.

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