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Not Funny Mother Nature

The last little mound of snow on my front yard is quickly disappearing in the early-spring sun. My feet are happy to be back in rubber boots and I’m ready to hit the dirt. With my new work gloves, I firmly grip the handle of my dear old garden tool and awaken it from its long rest in the garage. I try to ignore the glares from the neighbours and the slowing cars that pass by as I begin to turn the soil in my flower beds. After all, there are still snowbanks among the trees and the robins haven’t returned from their winter vacation. I know I look foolish, but I can’t help myself. Spring is here!

Once I’ve scratched around the tulip shoots and welcomed back each little speck of green that I find emerging in my garden, I move on to my next spring project… window washing! How does something as clean as snow leave my windows so filthy? I know it’s early, but I haul out the ladder and my cleaning gear and make my windows squeaky clean with the warm sun on my back (mind you, the ladder keeps sinking into the snowbanks at the back of the house, so those windows will just have to wait a bit). I know their sparkle will last only until the first raindrops fall down them, but I am left with a sense of accomplishment as I marvel at how clear my world looks through the glass.

I am certain that we will not need our winter clothes anymore, so I heap my washing machine full of heavy jackets, snowpants, tuques, mitts (most of which have mysteriously lost their partners), and scarves. Our winter boots get a good polish, too. I carefully line them up, fold and hang our clothes in a storage closet, and bolt the door.

I am so eager to welcome spring after the long winter that these tasks honestly don’t seem like “work.” I like to call it therapy. As the snow disappears, I am left with a new energy and instantly feel inspired to tackle things like painting the picnic table and digging up overgrown perennials. I’ve made my poor husband a long “Spring TO DO” list that I keep reminding him of. It includes urgent things like replacing the blades on the lawn-mower and filling the propane tank on the barbecue. He tells me we still have lots of time, but I believe we need to get a jump on these things.

With winter in the past, I go to bed at night feeling so good about the things I’ve done. I am eager to get right back to my spring projects bright and early the next day. Maybe I’ll sweep out the camper.

But when morning comes, I am hit by a wave of nausea as I am greeted with the most unexpected. I peer through my snow-covered window at a fresh blanket of SNOW! I bury my head under my pillow while Mother Nature has the last laugh and my kids begin to hunt for their winter jackets… and boots… and mitts!

– Jodi Enns writes from

Elm Creek, Manitoba

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