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Time For A Change?

Will winter ever end? I feel like I’ve been trapped indoors a long time, and the more time I spend within my four walls, the more I want to make changes to them. You know the feeling, time to bring in some rich tones and textures to replace a dated, tired look. But unlike my

Not Funny Mother Nature

The last little mound of snow on my front yard is quickly disappearing in the early-spring sun. My feet are happy to be back in rubber boots and I’m ready to hit the dirt. With my new work gloves, I firmly grip the handle of my dear old garden tool and awaken it from its

Who Will “Catch” The Fish?

The sparks were flying as their two creative minds merged. Ibet that if you asked any kid what they’d like for their birthday, the last thing they’d say is a wooden fish. Unless they belonged to our family. Yup, in our family, birthdays are always a big deal, not just because we love to celebrate

Getting ready for Christmas

Once I was sure my letter was ready and most of the glue had dried, I moved to Phase 2: Santa’s snack. Christmas is full of secrets and surprises. I guess that’s what makes it so magical. By Christmas Eve, my kids are ready to burst with excitement and anticipation. They are completely confident that