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To repair a plastic toy, use the flame of a candle to heat the metal end of a knife. Hold the hot knife against both pieces of the toy to melt it back together.

Avoid pouring grease from cooking down the sink; instead put grease into the garbage, that way you don’t run the risk of clogging up the sink and damaging the pipes.

To make your own hand soap, save slivers of soap bars and mix them in a bottle with glycerine. Shake with warm water and use.

Sewing buttons on a shirt just got easier. Use a toothpick to help keep the buttons in place. Put a toothpick underneath the button and sew, doing this will prevent the button from being sewn on too tightly.

When dealing with fabric wine stains that remain after being to the dry cleaners try this little trick. Pour Dawn dish soap onto the stain and soak in three per cent hydrogen peroxide. Check results every day; may take up to three days to disappear. Test on an inconspicuous area first.

Got bed bugs? Make a solution of tea tree oil and water; generously spray the mattress to zap each and every one of them. If bed bugs get out of hand call in a professional.

Got wine on the wall? Make a solution of bleach and water and scrub-a-dub-dub.

Silver tarnishes due to exposure to various compounds like sulphur. Use non-gel toothpaste to polish your silver set. Remember the more you use silver the less likely it is to tarnish. If possible put silver in a zip-lock bag with chalk. Chalk is a form of limestone, which prevents tarnish.

Remove soot on shirts by applying Crisco to the area and washing with hot water.

Put rubbing alcohol on a shirt that smells of grease. The smell of rubbing alcohol will disappear within a few moments.

Get rid of skunk smell with a recipe that I like to call, “Ahhh, I Can Breathe Again.” Into a spray bottle mix: 1 litre hydrogen peroxide, 1/4 cup baking soda and 1 tbsp. dish detergent. Spray boxes, floors, clothing and pets. When spraying on fabrics, test on an inconspicuous area first.

Say so long to fish smell odour on hands. Rub them with toothpaste and smell be gone!

Got glue on fabric? Use Dawn dish detergent and water to remove the sticky mess.

To clean tarnished brass, begin by determining if what you think is brass really is brass. Hold a magnet onto the “brass” area; if it clings you are dealing with brass-plated metal. There are two types of brass, one is coated with clear lacquer, and the other is not. Clean coated brass by wiping it with a damp cloth. If the lacquer coating is worn or chipped, that area will start to tarnish. Strip old lacquer finish and clean the surface, then reapply a new coat of lacquer. When you lacquer, make sure the surface remains dust free. Hardware stores carry lacquer spray finish (you can also use lacquer in a can and apply it with cotton balls). Brass that has no lacquer finish on it can be cleaned with Brasso, Howard Brass or Copper Polish.

Reduce pests in the garden with this recipe: 1 tsp. vegetable oil, 1 tsp. Dawn dish soap and 1 quart water. Spray onto plants three times per week. Tip: Speaking of Dawn, many of us know that baking soda and vinegar make a great volcano explosion but did you know that adding Dawn dish soap really has an impact? Cover the bottom of the container with baking soda. Next, add a tablespoon of Dawn and several drops of red and yellow food colouring. Pour in vinegar; the dish soap makes the lava less fizzy and more realistic!

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