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A Solution Has Been Found

This is almost as exciting as hearing there’s a cure for the common cold! It has been so discouraging to have our gardening efforts undone by a herd of deer or a family of rabbits. Fencing was the answer to the deer problem, but the rabbits went right through it like it was not even there and we can’t fence off the flower beds. Many repellents with promises of guaranteed success did not prevent the munching and lunching.

This solution is so easy to make and inexpensive, though a little unpleasant to use if the wind changes while you work, but the results are so encouraging. The sulphur smell given off by the beaten egg is the secret ingredient. To make it, place one egg and two cups water in a blender. The blending is what prevents particles from plugging the sprayer nozzle. Put this in a one-gallon (four-litre) container and fill with water, let stand for a couple days, outdoors and out of the sun. Yes, it will stink, but once sprayed, is undetectable to humans. It will have to be repeated after heavy rains but it doesn’t wash off too easily in a light shower. Store any leftover mixture in a potting shed or any outdoor building out of the sun. To use, add more water, take note of the wind direction and spray accordingly. It’s encouraging to find something that’s harmless to birds, insects and the environment.

Now I’ll search for a remedy for the common cold!

– Eva Krawchuk writes from Winnipeg

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