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How To Cook, Live, Eat And Build Strong Communities

Recipes and stories of community-based cookbooks from around rural Manitoba

If you possess a community cookbook, you have treasure on your hands.

These are books that help you create practical and nutritious meals, but they are much more than that.

Read them carefully. Community cookbooks contain all sorts of culinary secrets among generations of home-based cooks and bakers. You may just discover that special ingredient that made that soup your mother made better than anything you’ve tasted since.

Community cookbooks represent a long Canadian tradition, creating a resource that helps the home cook and at the same time honours the skill and knowledge required for the tough, everyday job of feeding a family.

Community cookbooks are community builders. Resourceful people create them as fundraisers to meet a need in their community. The tens of thousands of dollars generated by sales of community cookbooks have helped build places of worship, education and recreation. Sales from cookbooks keep countless nonprofi t organizations’ bills paid.

This winter we’re devoting our recipe section to community cookbooks. We hope you’ll enjoy the very special recipes we select from each of them, and that you may see your own community’s culture reflected in the stories behind the groups or projects these cookbooks represent.

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Lorraine Stevenson

Lorraine Stevenson is a reporter and photographer for the Manitoba Co-operator with 25 years experience writing news and features. She was previously a reporter with the Farmers Independent Weekly and has also written for community newspapers in Winnipeg and Manitoba's Interlake.



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