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Hamiota Farmer Promoting Storage Solution

Shipping containers that have been around the world a few times, are being promoted as the perfect storage solution by a Hamiota-area farmer. Purchasing the 40-foot self-contained steel containers used, Lanny Westwood refurbishes them in his farm shop. Refurbishing includes the installing of individual doors, a good cleaning and a fresh coat of paint, as he is committed to bring an attractive service to town.

“The two containers located in Hamiota were placed on site last fall,” said Westwood. “Within each container there are three 8×12-foot units with separate doors, locks and keys.”

Depending on the amount of storage space required, individuals can rent one or more units. But it’s not only from a town basis that storage solutions are being offered by Westwood, as the containers can also be hauled to farm sites, construction sites or any other site where the need arises for additional storage.

“Designed to carry 60,000 pounds and stack seven high they are built tough, they are water-and rodent-proof, and feature a plywood floor,” said Westwood.

“In cities they are quite common, and I feel with people moving in or out, seniors moving to town or simply a family needing additional storage for a time being, they are the ideal solution.” – Darrell Nesbitt writes from Shoal Lake, Manitoba

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