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Limiting the amount of time a cow is in headlocks so it can spend time lying or eating has an effect on milk production and cow health.

Just let cows be cows, say leading behaviour experts

The understanding of cow comfort has grown considerably and now focuses on natural behaviours

Less time standing on concrete, less time in headlock gates, less stress and more time expressing natural instincts are the modern-day keys to what is an evolving understanding of cow comfort for dairy cattle. “Let them eat without stress, let them rest without stress, and let them calve without stress,” said world-recognized cow behaviour specialist Dr.

An electric fence along a road in Germany near its border with Poland — one of many measures taken to contain African swine fever.

Human failings and deadly viruses are a bad mix

Despite their ‘superpowers,’ COVID and African swine fever rely on humans to spread, says vet

Glacier FarmMedia – With the spread of both COVID-19 and African swine fever, humans can be their own worst enemies. That message was delivered by Ontario veterinarian during the recent virtual farm show. Dr. George Charbonneau outlined the “superpowers” of the two viruses and offered his take on where humans have been successful and not