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Rural schools had a hard time attracting teachers in pioneer days due to low wages and harsh working conditions.

School days

Rural teachers weren’t well paid during the era of one-room schoolhouses

The School Teachers’ Invisible Margin The Bulletin, the official organ of the Manitoba Teachers’ Federation, gives some illuminating facts about teachers’ salaries in the province, facts that might well cause serious-minded citizens to pause and consider whether we can expect to continue paying such salaries as are being paid in the teaching profession, and keep

Hours of work and who took care of the horses were just a couple of issues for early farmers while managing their labour force.

The hired man’s duties

Even 100 years ago finding and keeping farm labour wasn’t easy

This is part of an article that appeared in the historic farm publication the Nor’West Farmer in February 1920. The question of working hours on the farm is one that nearly every reader of this paper is interested in. So this letter will serve as well as another to introduce the subject. A Saskatchewan reader,