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Tips for assessing soybean plant stands

Thankfully there’s an app for that!

The Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers (MPSG) Bean App Plant Stand Assessor simplifies the following steps for more efficient recording, unit conversion and calculation of plant populations. The free app is available at the Apple Store or Google Play. A web-based app is also available at: Use a fixed area for solid-seeded crops seven

Soybeans emerge facing wet soil and rainfall throughout
Manitoba, soybean at V-C unifoliate stage.

Soybean crop update and scouting activities

Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers Bean Report for June 1

Soybeans The majority of soybeans have been seeded in Manitoba. Depending on how quickly fields dry up, there may be some late planting or change in acres. Early planted fields are nearing the unifoliate stage (V-C), while those planted May 20 or later are still emerging. Emergence is taking a little longer in some cases

Soybeans in full seed stage, development slightly ahead compared to 2014

The Bean Report for August 25, 2015

Soybeans The majority of soybeans are in the full seed stage, R-6 (full seed). Overall, soybean development is slightly ahead of 2014 with some fields starting to turn from green to yellow, and harvest may begin in early September. These early maturing fields correspond to very early planting, early varieties as well as some moisture

Yield potential for soybeans looking good

The Bean Report for July 30, 2015

Soybeans Soybeans are in the pod filling to early seed stages, R-3 to R-5. Crops reaching R-5 are slightly ahead of previous years and correspond to early varieties, early seeding and/ or higher than normal accumulated heat units, especially in southwestern Manitoba. Despite localized areas being affected by hail and excess moisture, overall yield potential

June planted soybeans slightly behind, dry beans entering bloom period

The Bean Report for July 10, 2015

Soybeans The soybean crop is in bloom (R-1 to R-2) and have 3 to 6 fully developed trifoliate leaves. June planted soybeans are slightly behind and have not started flowering yet. Environmental and field conditions favourable for white mould should be assessed on a field by field basis for potential fungicide applications. The earliest planted