June planted soybeans slightly behind, dry beans entering bloom period

The Bean Report for July 10, 2015

June planted soybeans slightly behind, dry beans entering bloom period


The soybean crop is in bloom (R-1 to R-2) and have 3 to 6 fully developed trifoliate leaves. June planted soybeans are slightly behind and have not started flowering yet.

Environmental and field conditions favourable for white mould should be assessed on a field by field basis for potential fungicide applications. The earliest planted soybeans may be more susceptible to early infection of white mould following last weekend’s rain. Early infection of white mould is more detrimental than late infection.

Dry Beans

Dry beans are at the 3rd to 5th trifoliate and are entering the bloom period. Heavy rain and hail has caused leaf damage and bacterial blight is now being reported. An excellent resource from NDSU describing symptoms and potential management options is available here. Risk assessments, timing and product decisions are being made for white mould. Optimum timing for fungicide application in dry bean is R-1 to R-2 and prior to canopy closure to ensure good coverage.

Other topics covered in the July 10 Bean Report:

  • Bacterial blight and white mould
  • Soybean acres up slightly from 2014
  • Favorable conditions for white mould
  • Fungicide use in soybeans
  • Soybean insect and disease identification guide
  • Interested in advanced soybean management? Join the Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers July 22 for SMART Day in Carman, MB!

To read the full Bean Report for July 10, visit the Manitoba Pulse & Soybean Growers website.

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