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Let’s Go Ridin’ – for Jul. 23, 2009

Well folks, it’s been a good ride and as with all good rides, we’ve reached the trail’s end. It’s time for movin’ on so I thought I’d leave you with a few notions about the lessons that horses have taught me. I’ve had some good horses, and some not so good, and I have learned

Let’s Go Ridin’ – for Jun. 11, 2009

Anyone who is a horse owner will probably agree that somewhere along the way, your horse will encounter a situation where he requires his leg or legs bandaged. Having some knowledge of the techniques for proper bandaging will hopefully be of use to you. Bandaging your horse’s legs can serve a variety of functions, such

Let’s Go Ridin’ – for May. 14, 2009

If you own horses, chances are you sell some from time to time. With the aid of the World Wide Web, your horses can now be accessible to international buyers, particularly in the U. S. Selling them may be the easy part, but exporting them can be a whole other ball game. If you’ve done

Let’s Go Ridin’ – for Apr. 16, 2009

For many, riding season is just around the corner, hopefully. And for us equine enthusiasts, that means it’s time to saddle up and get riding. Perhaps you have been doing a little contemplating and dreaming over the cold winter months about constructing a riding arena, indoors or outside. Here are a few pointers which may

Let’s Go Ridin’ – for Mar. 19, 2009

Last time we talked about breeding your mare, so this time I thought I would tell you about witnessing the miracle of birth, horse style. In all my years of being around horses, I had never seen a mare foal. They like to do it under cover of darkness most times, they like to be

Let’s Go Ridin’ – for Feb. 12, 2009

Ever thought of breeding your mare? Maybe you have, or maybe you’re in the breeding business, so you know all of the options available to you nowadays. But if you are considering it for the first time, it can be an overwhelming project. The first step is to objectively analyze your mare for her breeding

The Christmas fix

Christmases come and Christmases go And some are more memorable than others But the one I recall that tops ‘em all Is the Christmas we fixed my mother. The weather was warm and the moon was high The stars were twinkling bright Family gathered round, merriment did abound On that beautiful Christmas Eve night. So

Let’s Go Ridin’ – for Nov. 13, 2008

With cold temperatures and winter on its way, your horse is under the protection of a heavy, thick winter coat. With that thick coat, there occasionally comes the chance of your horse getting those nasty little critters known as lice. Lice can reproduce all year but they tend to become a bigger problem during the