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Argentina set for bumper wheat crop

Other wheat-growing regions are facing weather woes

Reuters – Argentine wheat farmers are preparing for a record harvest, even as global rivals see crop yield prospects cut amid floods in the United States, searing heat in Europe and drought in Australia and parts of Canada. The grain bounty in the world’s No. 6 wheat exporter will boost the South American country in […] Read more

Stalled shipments latest blow to U.S. farmers

Transportation woes are the latest headache in a sector plagued by slumping profits

Farm supplier CHS has dozens of barges, loaded with fertilizer, trapped on the flood-swollen Mississippi River near St. Louis — about 500 miles from the company’s two Minnesota distribution hubs. The barges can’t move — or get crucial nutrients to corn farmers for the spring planting season — because river locks on the main U.S. […] Read more

U.S. farmers scramble to contain trade war damage, find new markets

Replacing a customer the size of China, however, is proving to be a very tall order

Clouds crowded the Illinois sky as Nick Harre walked away from his combine at the peak of harvest to join four fellow farmers in greeting some unlikely visitors. Inside a nearby seed barn, they made their pitch to eight Sri Lankan government officials: Please buy our soybeans. The wooing of such a tiny market underscores […] Read more

Bugging out

Insect farms gear up to feed soaring global protein demand

Layers of squirming black soldier fly larvae fill large aluminum bins stacked 10 high in a warehouse outside of Vancouver. They are feeding on stale bread, rotting mangoes, overripe cantaloupe and squishy zucchini. But this is no garbage dump. It’s a farm. Enterra Feed, one of an emerging crop of insect growers, will process the […] Read more

Wooden dams and river jams: U.S. strains to ship record grains

In a story familiar to Prairie farmers, the U.S. grain-handling system is creaking under a heavy load

America’s worst traffic jam this fall occurred on the Ohio River, where a line of about 50 miles of boats hauling grains and other products turned into a water-borne parking lot, as ship captains waited for the river to reopen. Such delays are worsening on the nation’s waterways, which are critical to commerce for the […] Read more

Drought measures may curb Mississippi River shipping

Reuters / Commercial barge traffic on a critical stretch of the Mississippi River south of St. Louis may be severely restricted or halted entirely next month as drought conservation measures stem the inflow of water from the Missouri River. With the worst U.S. drought in 56 years sapping the reservoirs that feed the Missouri River, […] Read more

Nebraska irrigators cut off

Reuters / More than 1,100 farmers in Nebraska have been ordered by the state’s Department of Natural Resources to halt irrigation of their crops because the rivers from which they draw water have dropped due to a worsening drought. The orders come as the central United States is enduring the worst drought since 1956, which […] Read more

U.S. corn farmers nervous over dry forecast

Some farmers in the eastern U.S. Corn Belt have been buying back contracts of corn sold to their local elevators for post-harvest delivery as a deepening drought raised concern that there may be no grain to deliver. Volumes of buybacks have been minimal thus far, but grain merchants expect there will be more as weather […] Read more