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In Trump freeze, U.S. agencies delay rules affecting farms

The move creates an air of uncertainty surrounding key provisions, such as the U.S. renewable fuel standard

U.S. regulators under the new presidential administration have instituted a freeze on rules key to the country’s Farm Belt, agricultural groups said Jan. 26, heightening uncertainty for some of the regions that helped propel Donald Trump into office. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will delay implementation of this year’s biofuels requirements along with 29 other regulations […] Read more

U.S. refiners revamp operations as renewable fuel costs surge

Pressure is building to tweak renewable fuel standards as refiner profit margins are crushed

U.S. oil refiners, beset by the weakest profit margins in six years, have been laying off workers, revamping operations and ratcheting up pressure on regulators and lawmakers to tweak the renewable fuel program, whose costs have ballooned. The top 10 U.S. independent refiners look set to take a record hit on renewable fuel credits this […] Read more